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Miele Vacuum Cleaners – Complete Selection!



• Complete selection of Miele vacuum cleaners, vacuum bags, and accessories

• We have display models on each Miele offering, allowing you to take any (or all) of them for a test drive!

• Lowest prices everyday - we are always priced at Miele's minimum advertised prices

Buy for now, buy for the future!  The average life of a Miele vacuum is 15+ years.

• We know that there are many models to choose from and this can often be overwhelming. Our knowledge sales staff is here to explain the differences with each model so that you make the right choice for you home.

Rollier's Hardware is an authorized sales and service dealer.  See below for details.


What's new from Miele vacuums?

• Miele TriFlex HX1 (cordless) vacuums - New for the summer of 2020 are Miele's cordless stick vacuums. Each model is designed around ultra convenience, function, and tremendous reliability. Currently, we have the TriFlex HX1 and the HX1 Cat and Dog units available. We expect more models to be available by the Fall. Each HX1 vacuum offers 3-in-1 function, allowing you to move the motor up or down on the stick as well as use just the motor for a convenient dustbuster-like function!  Despite being a bagless vacuum, Miele's uniquely designed motor and filter system make sure that the air exhausted from the unit is ultra clean thanks to HEPA filtration. These units are lightweight and always convenient.  One charge lasts up to 60 minutes in solo dustbuster mode, or up to 30 minutes with the wide 11" electric powerhead in use.

• XL Vacuum Bag Refills - If you run through the Miele filterbags quickly, then you will want to consider the new XL bag packs.  Get 8 bags for just $34.97 (Save $3 versus purchasing 2 smaller packs of 4 bags).  There are also XL bag packs with Hepa filters too.  Stop in-store to see all of the offerings.


Are you tired of buying a new vacuum every couple of years?  Well, a Miele Vacuum is your answer.  Miele Vacuum Cleaners come with reliable warranties and typically last more than 15 years!  This type of quality and guarantee are unsurpassed when it comes to the vacuum industry.

Miele HomeCare models – Miele makes certain machines only for in-store retailers and these models are termed HomeCare.  You will not find much information online regarding these models, but they are the best valued products that Miele makes.  HomeCare means that you get a 5 year warranty on all parts and labor! HomeCare also means that you get added value when it comes to floor tools and accessories; most of the time, you will receive an additional tool(s) for no additional charge.  Stop by and see all of the Home Care models that we offer as part of our huge display.

What can I expect to spend on a Miele Vacuum Cleaner?  Models start at only $299, however to get a model with a power brush head for thicker carpets you will be looking to spend at least $599 (Upright machine), or $599 (canister machine).  I know it might sound like a lot to spend on a vacuum cleaner, but when you consider the life of the unit (most likely 10-15 years) you aren’t really spending that much on a yearly basis.  Regardless of the model, all Miele bagged vacuums feature:

– Self closing filtering dustbags
– Durable, high-impact ABS body
– Crush proof hose (canister model)
– Motor protection filter
– 1,200 Watt Miele Vortex Motor
– Industry-leading quite operation
– 360 Degree swivel wheels (canister model)
– Non-marring rubber wheels
– Long power cord for large operating radius
– Model specific features are not listed

Blizzard (bagless) vacuums - This carefully curated line-up of bagless vacuums from Miele was new to our store in 2018.  They offer you much of the same performance and longevity you expect from Miele vacuums, without the cost of bag or filter replacements.  Once you purchase a Miele Blizzard vacuum you will not be coming back for any bags, filters, or accessories year after year.  Each Blizzard vacuum comes with a self-cleaning HEPA filter, and adjustable suction controls (to cater to all types of floor surfaces).  Stop by our Housewares Dept to take one of these for a test drive!

Does Rollier's repair Miele vacuums?  What about warranty work?  Yes, and yes!  In the unlikely event that service is needed on your Miele vacuum, we are here to help.  Our professionally trained service technician works full-time for us and is here to diagnose and resolve any Miele sweeper issue that you might have.  We pride ourselves on being quick and efficient when it comes to repairs, so that you can have your vacuum back in little time at all.

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R.S.V.P. International – Kitchen Products



• Fun yet functional kitchen products
• Many specialty items, as well as some old fashion favorites
• Always made from high quality materials
• In-stock items include Mexican molcajetes, metal ice cube trays, onion googles and others

Founded in 1984, R.S.V.P International has been committed to making creative, fun and functional products for your kitchen.  A catalog that started out with only 6 products, now contains over 700 products!  We only carry a handful of this catalog, but the products that we do carry have some specific uses that are unique and or old-fashion that we think you will find very functional.

Some of our more popular items are as follows:

R.S.V.P authentic Mexican molcajete, for that perfect guacamole!  This mortar is made from natural volcanic stone and measures 8-1/2″ in diameter.  Use for grinding and mincing of guacamole, herbs, limes, and more.

Their heavy duty 18/8 Stainless Steel measuring cup set is a must have.  It includes 7 pieces, with measurements from 1 cup all the way down to 1/8″ of a cup.

The R.S.V.P ice cube tray is an example of an old fashion product that is sure to never go out of style.  This robust tray is made of heavy stainless steel and includes a lever for popping the ice cube from the tray; no more messing around with pressing or picking away at individual ice cubes from a plastic or silicone tray!

The smooth porcelain Japanese rice bowls are always a big hit.  Included with this set is 6 assorted styles of traditional blue and white painted bowls.  Mix and match them with your other dinnerware for a unique experience.

The R.S.V.P poach pot, for poaching a single egg in an easy to use device for making a poached egg on the stove top.  This old-fashion product makes just one egg – great for salads or egg sandwiches!

The universal lid for all pots and pans from 7″ to 12″ is a popular item as well.  This simple product fits almost all cookware in your kitchen and is great to use with pans keep to oil and sauces from splattering out the top. 

We stock other items from R.S.V.P, including their stainless steel drinkware, prep bowls, onion goggles, etc.  We think that you will be impressed with the quality on these items, and we invite you to stop our housewares department to see these items in person.

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