At Rollier’s we still offer a lot of the services that other hardware stores or the big box stores don’t offer.

Lawn Mower and Snow Blower Repair

We service and repair Toro and Lawn Boy walk behind mowers and snow blowers. This includes warranty and out-of-warranty repair, yet warranty repair is limited to those that purchased their mower at our store. Fees vary based on the time and parts needed to repair the lawn mower or snow blower, however we do offer flat prices for tune-ups which include parts and labor.

Lawn Mower Tune-Up – (please call for current pricing)

• New air filter
• New spark plug
• Change oil
• Blade Sharpening
• Grease fittings
• Clean carburetor
• Check mower for worn or broken parts
• Clean mower

Snow Blower Tune-Up – (please call for current pricing)

• New spark plug
• Clean carburetor
• Check for worn or broken parts
• Clean snow blower
• Lubricate parts

Lamp Repair

*** Due to the busy holiday season, we may not be accepting lamps for repair.  Please call to double-check before hauling lamps into our store, sorry for the inconvenience *** 

We re-wire floor lamps, table lamps, desk lamps, chandeliers, sconces, and other light fixtures. NOTE: re-wiring is limited to lamps. Some chandeliers will not be accepted if we assume that they will be very time-consuming. We do not re-wire vacuums, dryers, and other small household appliances due to the fact that it could cause a safety hazard.

Glass & Plexiglass Cutting

We can cut single and double strength glass to size at our store, however, if you desire a finished edge we have to special order this service. Lead time is usually only a couple of days. For further information or questions, please give our plumbing department a call.

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Blade Sharpening

We sharpen a variety of blades in house. Normal turn around time is less than a week. We cannot sharpen: curved scissors, power tools, saw blades, and push reel lawn mower blades. We will not sharpen any blades on electrical tools.

Blades that we can sharpen include (please call for current pricing):

• Scissors (no curved or electric scissors)
• Knives (no electric tools)
• Lawnmower Blades (rotary type – no push reel mower blades)
• Hatchets
• Single and double Axes
• Pruning Shears (no rivets)
• Loppers
• Hedge Shears/No Serrated (no electric tools)
• Grass Clippers

Screen Repair & Custom Window Screening

At Rollier’s, we can re-screen windows and doors. In addition, we can also can make a new screen frame to fit most window screens. For further information or questions, please give our plumbing department a call.

Key Cutting

Our hardware department cuts hundreds of keys each month on our two key cutting machines. Bring us your key(s) and we will match it up with a blank and cut the key for you while you shop. Need a duplicate car key but worried that it might have a programmable chip inside? We can let you know what you need, and if a ChipKey is needed, we can cut those for you at a fraction of the price you would pay at the dealership! NOTE: We can’t cut all car keys. Those with a groove in the middle (Sidewinder) can’t be cut on our machine. Also we may, or may not be able to cut your specific car key, if we don’t have the specific chip key in stock. Please call or stop in and check with our hardware department for more information.

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