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Orijen Pet Food



• Biologically appropriate foods with wholeprey proteins
• All ingredients are locally sourced and prepared in Orijen’s award winning kitchens
• Every variety is grain free and packed with ingredients that you will know and can pronounce
• Small, medium and large bags are in-stock for most formulas
• Trying something new? Trial sizes are available for a small charge
• Nourishment as nature intended

Orijen dog and cat foods have become one of our most popular pet foods, and much of this has to with its exceptional quality.  It is nourishment as nature intended that is high in meats and proteins and rounded out with fresh fruits and vegetables.  All of these ingredients are sourced locally and put together in their award-winning kitchens right in Alberta, Canada.  Stop by for a trial size bag of Orijen pet food to make sure that your pet will enjoy it.  We stock the following varieties:

Cats: Regional, Cat & Kitten, Six Fish and assorted freeze-dried cat treats

Dogs: Adult, Puppy, Senior, Regional, Six Fish, Tundra and assorted freeze-dried dog treats

What makes Orijen dog and cat foods so special?

Wholeprey Diet – All Orijen dog foods focus on a wholeprey diet, which means that your pet will be receiving meat, organs, and cartilage from the animals/fish that are used in each variety.  These three components of an animal help ensure that your pet is nourished the way tat mimic Mother Nature and deliver nutrients that virtually eliminate the need for synthetic ingredients.

Grain Free – Look at the front of any bag of Orijen dog or cat food and you will see the ratio of meat to fruits/vegetables to grains.  Every bag has 0% grains and potatoes, which don’t provide much of anything in terms of nourishment and are not what dogs are biologically made to eat.  Each Orijen dog and cat food is made of high percentages of meat and fish and the rest from fruits and vegetables.

Fresh, Local Ingredients – All of the ingredients used in Orijen dog and cat foods are brought in fresh daily from local suppliers that they know and trust.  This commitment to only the freshest regional ingredients ensure that every bite of Orijen pet food is both safe and tasty!

For more information on Orijen pet foods and their fresh, local ingredients that are used, please view the video to the left.

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Fromm Family Pet Food



• Healthy and holistic brand of pet food and treats
• Large selection of dog and cat food recipes
• Fromm Gold pet foods offer nutritious formulas at a great value based on type of breed
• Fromm 4-Star pet foods are designed around keeping variety in your pet’s diet – choose based on flavor and mix and alternate however you choose
• Family owned and operated
• Dedicated to a safe manufacturing process and responsibly sourced ingredients

Fromm pet food is our best selling pet food and for good reason!  Their dog and cat foods are made with the utmost attention to detail in both the recipe and the with the supply chain.  The result is a pet food that is safe, responsibly sourced, nutritious and very delicious for your dog or cat.

Stringent Testing – Every ingredient comes from their Approved Supplier Program.  When the ingredients arrive at the Fromm manufacturing facility, each ingredient is tested to be sure that it meets their standards before it is unloaded and used in the formulas.  Once the recipes have been completed, the testing is not complete.  Each batch is tested so as to confirm that it meets the guaranteed analysis printed on the bags and to be sure that it contains no pathogenic bacteria.  Not until these tests are performed can a batch be sent to stores for sale.

Homemade – All Fromm pet food and treats are made in their two manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin.  This allows for full control over the quality and safety of every product.  No part of the manufacturing process is outsourced, so you know that the Fromm Family is able to keep a watchful eye on what goes into their product and how it is made.

Fromm is a fifth-generation family-owned and operated business. They have been innovators from the start, making the first ever all-granular pet food by cooking meat and grain together way back in 1940. In 1949, Fromm sold the first packaged granular pet food after years and years of testing. Today, the formulas have grown more nutritious and more diverse than ever before. In our store, we stock both the Fromm Gold and the Fromm 4-star nutritionals for both dogs and cats, as well as a large selection of wet canned pet food and holistic pet treats.

If you are interested in trying one of the many Fromm formulas, please ask for a sample. Fromm is a big supporter of pet food samples and most every dry dog and cat food is available in a small sample pack for you to try! If your pet is hooked on Fromm pet food, be sure to ask for the frequent buyer program details the next time you are in our store. For every 12 bags of pet food you purchase, get the 13th bag for free.

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