• Our housewares department has most everything you need to clean, polish, vacuum, and spruce up your kitchen, laundry, bathroom, or living areas.
Did you know that we cut-to-size rolled window blinds? Provide us with the measurement that you need from tip-to-tip or edge-to-edge and we will trim them down while you shop.
• We are an authorized Miele sales and service center. If you need parts, service, or warranty repair, bring your Miele vacuum to us and we will be happy to get it back up and running!
• We stock a variety of small items at our housewares service counter, including flashlight or other low-voltage light bulbs, as well as gas mantles for natural gas and propane lights.
• You will be surprised with our selection of high quality candles and greeting cards from companies such as Root candle, Tag, Papyrus and Avanti. All available in our housewares department
•See below for specifics on what we carry throughout the department.

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Our housewares department is filled with unique products for in and around your home. It is impossible to touch on everything we have, so please feel free to give us a call if you would like us to check on something for you! Below we have targeted some of the more popular requests in our housewares dept.

Light bulbs: Light bulbs are a forever changing category it seems. We have recently expanded our selection of light bulbs to meet the needs of today’s customer. You will find all sorts of incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, and energy-efficient LED replacement bulbs in our store. Some of our more unique requests are bulbs for under-cabinet lights, exterior post lamps, appliances, reading lamps, and flashlights. If you are not sure of what you need, bring in your old bulb and we will help you match it up. We also carry the a big selection of LED replacement bulbs that continues to grow as more and more are made available.

Candles: Our candle selection is not typical for hardware stores. We carry a small selection of candles from Tag, Kringle and Woodwick.  We also have a large selection of Root candles, which is one of the highest quality candles you can buy.  These candles are known for being slow burning, drip-less, wonderfully scented, and made from the highest quality waxes. If you are looking for flame-less candles, we have those too.  We stock battery-operated tealights, votives, pillar candles, and taper candles from several different brands!

Batteries and Flashlights:  Looking for a common or not so common battery? We strive to have what you need, including alkaline, high energy, lithium, silver oxide, and rechargeable batteries.  Need a lantern battery, we have those too!  With our batteries, you will see a big selection of flashlights, including many quality options from Nebo Tools and Maglite (our two most popular brands).  Nebo Tools is always reinventing the flashlight to be more functional and offer different features (some of their newest additions being an ultra bright rechargeable LED flashlight, as well as a pop-up lantern light).  Maglite flashlights have been a trusted product for years and are know for their durability and function.  We have lots of Maglite choices including some xenon and some LED options.

Vacuum Cleaners:  A huge assortment of vacuums are always in-stock from 2 trusted brands: Miele and Bissell.  Bissell offers portable handheld vacuums, carpet cleaners, mop/vacuum combinations, and many different upright choices that are all inspired by pets. If you are looking for the best vacuums that money can by, consider a Miele vacuum.  Miele's are known for their high performance, excellent filtration, low noise, and proven durability.  Stop by our store, try them on our sample flooring, and ask any questions you might have!  For more information on Miele Vacuums, please visit our brand page: seen here.

Cleaners and Cleaning Tools:  Our cleaner and polish aisle is quite impressive!  If you love to clean, you will love our assortment of products.  Whatever your particular situation may entail, let us help you choose a cleaner that will get the job done right.  We carry floor cleaners from trusted brands such as Bona, Bruce, Lundmark, Swiffer, and others.  Continue on down the aisle, and you will find lots of surface cleaners, degreasers, sealers, polishes, deodorizers, disinfectants, jewelry cleaners, glass cleaners, and many more.  Jump one aisle over and you will find a complete assortment of mops, brushes, brooms, and sponges to assist with the project.  Some of our more unique products come from E-Cloth, Libman, Brushtech, 3M, and others. 

Kitchen Gadgets Galore:  Our kitchen department has many of the essentials as well as many unique products from brands such as OXO, Nordicware, and USA Pan.  Whether you need to pick up a wine bottle opener for the party you are hosting this evening, or need some new kitchen cookware to prepare holiday cookies this year... stop by our many aisles loaded up with kitchen gadgets and supplies.

Greeting Cards:  When you think hardware, you don't always assume that we will have greeting cards, but do we ever!  We have everyday cards from Avanti, Recycled Paper Greetings, and Papyrus.  Plus seasonal cards for all of the major holidays, including Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Hanukah, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day and others.  We also have a small assortment of gift bags and wrapping paper.

Doormats, Doormats, and More Doormats:   Well, you have come to the right place if you have been search of a doormat!  Our 2 aisles of doormats are packed full of solutions for both sides of every entry door in your home.  We even have anti-fatigue mats that are great for the kitchen or workbench.  Some of our more unique products are our all natural 100% coco doormats (in 6 different styles), cut-to-length jute runner, commercial grade vinyl-backed rugs, Jellybean indoor/outdoor mats, and Cape Cod Doormats (100% polypropylene rope mats) which can be custom made in sizes up to 36" x 150".

Ironing Boards and Irons:  Looking for a quality ironing board?  One that won't wobble when you go to use it?  Come see our ironing board solutions from trusted brands such as Household Essentials and Brabantia.  Whether you iron a lot, or a little, you will appreciate the quality of these boards.  Complete the look with an iron from either Black and Decker or Rowenta.  Both brands are known for making good products with varying features... none of those cheap ones that you find at the hotels.

Other notable categories include roll-up and venetian blinds for your windows, small kitchen appliances, sewing products, laundry drying racks, fold-up shopping carts, gas light mantles, flashlight replacement bulbs, pictures frames, Stonewall Kitchens, canning supplies, shelf liner, contact paper, Tea Forte exceptional teas, and much more.

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