1. Do you accept credit cards? Which ones?
Yes, we do, (Master Card, American Express, Visa, Discover, Apple Pay, and Google Pay).

2. Do you accept personal checks?
Yes, we do. However, you must have a current photo driver’s license, address and phone number. Check must be made payable to Rollier’s Hardware. We DO NOT accept a check with a P.O. box for an address. A $20.00 service fee will be charged on all checks returned for any reason.

3. Do you accept Traveler’s Checks?
Sorry, no traveler’s checks accepted.

4. What is your return policy?
•All returns must be made at the return desk on your left as you enter the store. No returns will be honored beyond that point.
•All returns must have a Rollier’s register slip with items clearly listed. If not, you will receive a merchandise credit slip.
•If you paid with cash, you will get cash back.
•If you paid by credit card the same card will be credited.
•If you paid by check, there is a (5 day) waiting period to receive cash back, otherwise, you will receive a merchandise credit slip.
•Special orders.
•Merchandise purchased beyond 60 days ago.
•Anything custom cut from rolls or products cut to a special size.
•Opened or damaged packages.
•Products missing parts, damaged, or used and dirty.
•Discontinued and close out merchandise.
•Circuit breakers and fuses.
•Custom mixed paints.
•Power hand tools.
•Drain cleaners.
•Live plants and bulbs.
•All food related items.

5. What is Rollier’s return policy on Christmas items?
No refunds on returned Christmas merchandise after December 24th. All Christmas merchandise purchased after The Christmas Sale is non-refundable. Any Christmas merchandise found to be defective will be given a replacement or a merchandise credit card only.

6. What is the policy on Merchandise Credit?
Rollier’s has a Merchandise Credit Card that can be issued instead of cash back if you do not have a receipt for a return. It is also used if you’ve paid with a check and the check hasn’t cleared yet (5 days). This Merchandise Credit Card is redeemable for merchandise only, it has no cash value. Rollier’s Hardware is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged Merchandise Credit Cards.

7. Can I purchase Gift Certificates at Rollier’s?
Yes. Rollier’s Hardware offers professional looking, plastic gift cards that can be issued in any amount, however, each card has a maximum value of $500. Values above $500 will have to be applied to multiple gift cards.

We are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged gift certificates. Gift Certificates are redeemable for merchandise only, No Cash Value.

8. What is the standard policy on Rollier Coupons?
•The standard policy unless otherwise stated or if it is not stated on the coupon is as follows:
•Limit one per sale.
•Not valid on any prior purchases.
•Must be presented at time of purchase.
•Not valid on the purchase of gift certificates.
•Cannot be used with any other coupons, discounts, or clearance merchandise.
•Cannot be used with Annual Scott's Lawn Program Purchases

•Cannot be used with Gift Card Purchases.

•Cannot be used past expiration date.  

9. Does Rollier’s have a delivery service?
Yes, we do. Rollier’s has a local delivery service and there is a fee depending on how far away you are in the delivery area.

10. How can I get special deals at Rollier’s?
You can get special deals buy signing up right now and becoming a Rollier Preferred Customer. Go to the Rollier Preferred Customer Page to find out more about our Rollier’s Rewards program and quarterly mailer offering our best coupons!

11. Can I order things that aren’t on the shelves?
Yes, we special order products all the time for customers. If we can get it from one of our suppliers, we will be glad to quote you a price!

12. Does Rollier’s assemble furniture, grills, etc. once we have purchased them?
Yes, we do. Fees start at $10, lawnmowers and snowthrowers are free!

13. Do you sharpen tools?
Yes, we sharpen knives, mower blades and some other types of blades in our plumbing department. If you are unsure if we can sharpen you blade, call us first and ask to speak to someone in our plumbing department.

14. Do we repair lawn mowers?
No.  As of February 2024, we no longer offer small engine repair.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

15. Does Rollier’s have tool or machine (equipment?) rentals?
Yes, we rent The Bissell Green Machine (wet carpet cleaner), hardwood floor sander, lawn spreaders, post hole diggers, post hole drivers, tampers, etc. Come in or call us to ask about our rental services.

16. Do we repair screens and windows?
Yes, we do, in our Plumbing Department.

17. Can Rollier’s match a paint color from an old chip off my wall?
Yes, we can. We have a custom color matching computer system that will scan the chip and match the color.

18. Do we repair lamps?
Yes, our Electrical Department repairs all types of table and floor lamps.

19. Do we carry NIX paint sensor?
Yes we do, in our Paint Department.  

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