Best Rewards


Rolliers Best Rewards

changes Starting October 1, 2021!

Our loyalty Rewards are changing to Best Rewards. We're here to outline what changes will be made, what will be the same, and what our customers can expect during this transition. We hope to make this transition as easy as possible for our customers and employees.

What to Expect

We are encouraging all customers to use any remaining gift balances on their rewards account. On October 1st, a paper gift certificate reward will be mailed to the supplied address linked to each customers current account with any remaining balances $5 and over. This paper certificate will be the responsibility of the customer to keep and bring with them to the store for its intended use or redemption. Rollier's will no longer keep track of the points via the customers account. Rollier's Hardware is not responsible for any lost or stolen paper certificates. We highly recommend any customer that has recently moved to speak to a cashier, or office manager, to ensure your account is up-to-date (i.e. mailing address and email). Any customer that has not shopped our store using their rewards account within the last two years will have to reapply to reactivate and continue to collect rewards.


What will Change?

While we strive to give our customers the best deals and rewards available, there are some changes that customers can expect to see.

Rewards will be computed monthly. 

The last weekly points will be converted August 27th. Points after this date will be collected at the end of September. Any remaining balances under $5 will not be redeemable as of October 1, 2021, and will not be mailed to the customer unless $5 or over. Moving forward, each month the points will be collected as they have been in the past, but will only be redeemable via the mailed gift certificate.

Values are Mailed to Customers (see example to left).

Points collected after August 27 through the month of September will be sent to the customers given address linked to their rewards account in the form of a gift certificate. Monthly reward values will be mailed to customers in the form of a paper certificate with a 60 day expiration (as stated above, these are the responsibility of each customer).

No More Use of Plastic Cards.

Customers will no longer be able to use their plastic Rewards card at purchase, the points will now be collected via phone number linked to their new Best Rewards account.

Email Notifications.

Customers will receive email notifications when rewards are mailed for that month (if opted in or email was given). To add an email to your existing rewards account, please update your account by visiting our rewards page.


What Will Remain the Same?

Store Newsletter Mailed.

Customers will continue to receive our store Newsletter delivered 5 times a year, which includes our best valued customer coupons.

Email Offers.

Customers can also opt-in to access our email offers and store updates.

1% Back.

Customers will continue to receive 1% back for their in-store purchases.


How Can I Update My Account?

We suggest updating your current rewards account if you have recently moved. Please note, that if you have not been receiving emails from us, an email must be provided for you to be notified when the monthly reward is on its way!

1. The quickest way for your account to be updated is to go to our rewards page and fill out the contact sheet with the necessary information. Other options are listed:

2. When visiting our store, at the check out customers can ask a cashier to update your rewards account information.

3. Call our store and speak with an office manager to assist you in updating the information.

Customers with More Questions

Please fill out the form with any questions regarding these changes located on our contact us page, found here