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• Stop in during the spring (usually mid-April) for a beautiful selection of annual and perennial flowers, herbs, and vegetable plants
• Snap a picture or bring us a sample of something that you might be having trouble with in your lawn or garden. We will help analyze the situation and provide you with a specific solution to the problem.
• Not sure what to be doing to your lawn at any given time? Let us help you with fertilizer applications and good preventative measures that will keep your lawn looking its best.
• As of February 2024, we no longer service Toro, Lawn Boy, and Echo power equipment.  All small engine repairs will have to be redirected to another local service center.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Our Lawn and Garden department is always a welcome sign come springtime! We have everything you need to plant, grow, and beautify your garden, as well as all the fertilizers, amendments, and seed to have the best lawn in town. Bring us your problems and one of our experienced sales clerks will be happy to diagnose and present solutions to get your lawn and garden back to looking its best!

Tools: We stock a wide assortment of garden tools including string trimmers and hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, hand pruners, dirt shovels, spades, lawn and leaf rakes, edgers, hand saws, tree pruners, lawn mowers, lawn spreaders, loppers, bulb planters, small hand tools, etc. Some of our most well known manufacturers include Greenworks cordless mowers and yard tools, Black and Decker (corded and cordless), Corona Clippers, Fiskars, Bully Tools, and others.

Fertilizers: We have a fertilizer for just about anything you can imagine. With so many chooses today in either chemical or organic fertilizers, let us help you choose an option that will best suit your individual needs. Some of the brands that we carry include, Scotts, Miracle-Gro, Jonathan Green, FoxFarm, Espoma, and Dr. Earth. Some of the more unique products that we are known to carry are: (1) organic lawn fertilizers that are 100% safe for kids, pets, and your grass, (2) houseplant foods to feed the most delicate of plants such as African violets and orchids, (3) organic foods that make your garden vegetables and fruits produce more fruits, or (4) starter fertilizers to give your grass seed that quick boost it needs to fill in before the heat of summer takes over.

Mulch and Soils: Once our bagged soils and mulches are lined-up outside, you know that spring is about ready to break!  Stop in and look out wall of samples, including over 10 different mulches, 6 types of rocks, and all sorts of the potting mixes, soils, humus, manures, composts, peat and limestone. Once you decide on what you need, let our helpful staff load the items in your car.

Our selection of top quality potting mixes and soil amendments is second to none.  We have products from well-known brands such as Miracle-Gro, Black Gold, FoxFarm, Coast of Maine, and locally made PittMoss. 

Watering Supplies: Every year we are bound to face a drought that seems to last a week or two. Be prepared with our large selection of lawn sprinklers, hose nozzles, water timers, kink-proof garden hoses, and high quality hose reels. Check out our best selling hoses from Apex, the NeverKink Garden Hose or the Zero-G Hose. Some of our more unique items are our metal hose reels, short length and lightweight garden hoses, metal hose nozzles, like Dramm, sprinklers, and lots of quick disconnect accessories. 

Repellents: After putting all that hard work into your garden, protect your plants from their furry enemies with one of our many animal repellents. Let us help you choose from our large selection of animal repellents that seems to grow every year! Some of our most trusted brands include Liquid Fence, Deer Scram, Deer Stopper, Shake Away, Repel’s All, and Deer Ban. There are granular and pill form repellents that are great for protecting large flower beds and edible fruits and vegetables. There are also many liquids that work great for tall plants, potted plants, and anything in between. If you have any questions, please be sure to ask our helpful sales clerks.

Fungicides, Insecticides, and Weed Killers: Not sure what is affecting your plant or grass? Bring us a sample or snap a picture and let us help you problem solve. Most times insects and diseases tend to affect our whole area and if you are having a problem with something, chances are that others have come to us with the very same problem. We have several aisles loaded with different disease and insect controls from trusted brands such as Ortho, Bonide, BioAdvanced, and Sevin. If you are after a weed control, there are multipurpose options great for broad based weed control as well as specific killers that target the toughest of weeds, including clover, ground ivy, nutsedge, thistle, and crabgrass.

Other: Some of the other items we carry in our lawn and garden department include a great selection of trellises, rain barrels, compost bins, edging, poison baits, bug sprays, animal traps, ceramic and plastic pottery, plant dollies, and much more. Stop in or give us a call if you are looking for something in particular!

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