Miele's HomeCare line-up is bringing a whole in definition long-lasting performance in the vacuum cleaner world. HomeCare vacuums from Miele are only available from servicing retailers, like ourselves, and each model is backed with an extended 5 year warranty on all parts and labor. This is an improvement on the 1 year warranty that Miele offers on every other vacuum in their line-up. This amazing 5 year warranty shows the confidence that Miele has in making a high quality product that will stand up to the rigors of frequent use.

We are very happy to be able to offer each of these choices for you and they come at all different price points. The lowest price option will be the $299.97 Classic C1 HomeCare canister vacuum and the most expens...

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Looking to hang a heavy mirror? Or possibly a collage of pictures on a wall? Do you often wonder what is the best anchor for you needs, and do you even need an anchor for your application? Here are some tips that we have accumulated for the different types of fasteners and anchors that are on the market. We hope that you enjoy the information!

Some old and some new, but here is a list of our most popular anchors from lighter duty to heavy duty (most strength):

Plastic Anchor - Suitable for many lightweight applications and versatile enough to use in almost any material. Great option to stock at the house when you need something in an pinch. Rated for about 10 lbs when used in drywall or plaster.

Ribbed Plastic Anchor - Very versatile, just...

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temp-post-imageThis season, there has been much concern about the cold and especially the flu. Protect yourself the best that you can by keeping your home clean and washing up after you are in high traffic areas. One product that can help you greatly in this task is BactroKill from the Bactronix company. This company is based right here in Pittsburgh, and has been specializing in home, office, and hospital sanitation measures for years. Just a few years ago, they started to package a product that kills and destroys many viruses and bacteria with just a simple spray. This product is called BactroKill and it has been trending this winter, for obvious reason.

BactroKill uses a non-toxic nanotechnology that will kill viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, and eve...

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New SimonRack utility shelves offer many smart design features that take an ordinary utility shelf to the next level.

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temp-post-imageStore ice melters in plastic tubs with lids to be sure that they stay in good shape for you to use this year and each year their after. I would highly recommend purchasing one of our all purpose 5 gallon tubs with lids from our Paint Department. These tubs have lots of uses, but I have still not found a better option for storing ice melters.

  • The removable lid allows for easy access to the salt inside, even when covered in fresh snow or ice.

  • The included handle allows for easy maneuvering around the house, especially with winter gloves on!

  • One tub will hold about 40 pounds of your favorite ice melter.

  • Best of all, these tubs with lids only cost about 6 bucks!

temp-post-imageThe new All-in-One chalk-style paint from Heirloom Traditions make refinishing cabinets, furniture, and accessories easier than ever before. Typically with a chalk style paint, you will need to prep a surface with a primer and then apply several coats of chalk (no luster) paint and then follow it up with a wax that seals and protects the chalk paint. With the Heritage Collection All-in-One chalk paint, there is no sanding, no stripping, no primer, and no wax!

  • All in One chalk paint has a built in bonding primer that bonds to slick surfaces, such as veneer.

  • The built in wax allows the paint to dry to a smooth, velvety finish that provides that quintessential chalk look!

  • The built-in top coat provides extreme durability once once cured for long-lasting results, which is always a good idea when refinishing furniture and cabinets that are in high use.

The only prep that needs to be done is to make sure that the surfaces you are to paint are clean and dry. You can use a mild degreaser to assist with that. Then apply 1 coat of chalk paint, allow it to dry (1-2 hours) and then apply a second coat. The paint has self-leveling properti...

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During the first few weeks of January, many of us are putting away holiday decorations of all types. Many of these decorations contain batteries, such as window candles, string lights, tabletop accessories and more. We recommend to always remove alkaline or lithium batteries from these items so that they do not over drain and make a mess of the battery chamber!

When stored for 10 months or more, there is a highly probability that some batteries will leak. This is especially so with batteries that are low in juice or completely depleted already.

Thanks for reading,

Derek Satterfield


Protect your dog’s paws from the uncomfortable and irritating side effects of snow, ice, and rock salt at this time of the year with 100% all natural Musher’s Secret!

Musher’s Secret was originally developed for sledding dogs, who needed protection against the extreme conditions and temperatures they were facing in upper Canada. Once the founders saw how effective it was at protecting dogs paws they started to market their product to specialty retailers.

Musher’s Secret is an all organic paw wax that can be applied to the paws of dogs, horses and many other animals to provide a barrier against all sorts of harsh conditions. The paw wax dries in seconds to provide a semi-permeable layer between your animal’s paws and salt, snow, ice, hot pavement, sand, etc. It can also be used to help animals heal from wounds to their feet.

Here’s the easiest way to apply: Put each paw directly onto the wax and rub the paw around. Use your fingers to work the wax into the spaces between the pads. Wax-covered paws will not stain floors, rugs or furniture.

Easy to apply: Put each paw directly into the wax and rub the paw around. Use your fingers to work the wax into the nooks and crannies around the pads. The wax dries very quickly and provides an immediate barrier against snow, ice, hot surfaces, rock salt, and more. Generally recommended to be applied once a week, but if your dog does a lot of walking/running then it may wear off in as little as 2-3 days. Apply as necessary.

Advantages: The great thing about Musher’s Secret is it is made from only food-grade, organic wax, so you don’t have to worry about your pet getting sick from licking the wax off it’s paws. It also won’t stain your furniture, and it’s non-allergenic.
Musher’s Secret is available in 3 sizes: 60 gram, 200 gram, and 454 gram (1 pound)

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Brrrr.... it has been bitter-cold for the last week! Here is a quick checklist of some things that we would recommend when it is this cold. Some may be obvious, others are not so obvious:

1) Consider changing your air filter sooner than you would typically do. As our furnaces run almost 100% of the time during they cold snaps, filters that usually last about 3 months, may only perform well for about 1 month. We would recommend giving them a check every so often and replace them when they look max-ed out.

2) Be sure to run a slow drizzle of water from faucets and fixtures that could potentially freeze during the cold nights (or days). These are often supplied by pipes that run through unheated portions of your home or ones that are on the e...

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Have a favorite wreath for the holidays, but hate how it can scratch your door's finish?

Try the new Deluxe Door Saver for Wreaths from the Village Lighting company. This simple to use pop-out padded backer is designed to fit behind both 24" and 30" wreaths on your door. The backer is looped around the wire frames of your wreath and provide a cushion to prevent scratches. It is a really simple concept, but it works and that is what makes it so great! Stop by our Christmas Department for more information on this new item. You can see just how nondescript this item is ... below.


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