The newest innovation from Weber is there SmokeFire pellet grills, now available for the spring of 2020. These pellet grills are next level barbecues, that provide you the convenience of easy to control, low and slow barbecue, as well as the searing capabilities of a 600 degree grill. With the hardwood pellet fuel, you will always achieve spectacular smokey flavor!

This grill is loaded with features, here are some of the key points:

The digital temperature control makes it effortless to control the temperature. Simply set your temperature and let the grill do the work. It is just like setting your thermostat at home - super simple! You may set any temperature from 200 degrees (for low and...

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This season, there has been much concern about the flu as well as the Coronavirus. Protect yourself the best that you can by keeping your home clean and washing up after you are in high traffic areas. One product that can help you greatly in this task is BactroKill from the Bactronix company. This company is based right here in Pittsburgh, and has been specializing in home, office, and hospital sanitation measures for years. About 5 years ago, they started to retail a product that kills and destroys many viruses and bacteria with just a simple spray. This product is called BactroKill and it has been trending this winter, for obvious reason.

BactroKill uses a non-toxic nanotechnology that wil...

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Spring BloomPittsburgh's temperature outlook for this spring is projected to be near average or slightly above average, and with the roller coaster-like temperature changes we've had so far, we have tips to prepare you. There is a chance that we will have some nights to worry about before warm weather is finally here to stay. To protect these early spring bulbs, such as crocus, hyacinths, daffodils, and soon tulips, from a late winter frost, we recommend using blankets or buckets through the cold nights to insulate them. The most important time to protect these buds are when several days of freezing temperatures are expected (below 29 degrees) or once the plant has already started to flower.

Here are a ...

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temp-post-imageOur homes may feel safe since they protect us and our belongings from the cold, rain, snow, and wind; however there is more to a safe house than just having locking doors and an alarm system. Carbon monoxide poisoning causes over 200 deaths a year and fires cause thousands of deaths each year in the US. To protect yourself from these harmful, and possibly deadly occurrences, be sure to install fire and CO detectors in the proper areas and maintain/test them with regularity. Here are some guidelines that are recommended by the National Fire Protection Association and the US Fire Association.

Fire safety in your home:

Install smoke alarms inside every bedroom, within every separate sleeping are...

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Fatwood Firestarters

Fatwood firestarters are an easy-to-use, all natural firestarter that is very versatile. Use them indoors or out in fireplaces, fire pits, barbecues, chimeneas, wood and pellet stoves, or campfires. Unlike alternatives, there are no chemicals added to these sticks. The light quickly with a match and are 100% all natural.

How is Fatwood made? Fatwood is harvested from the stump of a pine tree. Over time naturally occurring resins accumulate within the stump and give Fatwood excellent fire starting capabilities. No live trees are cut to make Fatwood firestarters, so they are environmentally friendly as well!

How are they used? Simply crisscross 2-3 fire sticks and light with ...

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The weather this week has proven that winter storms are still something to brace for, even if Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow. We're reminding all birders, from in-experienced to the pro backyard feeders, that winter can be hard for birds since there aren't many food sources during this time. We've put together this short article with some tips on how to help our feathered friends endure the cold temperatures, and what you show know.

Not all birds migrate, and the birds that do stick around sustain themselves on seeds, since natural food sources, like insects and fruit, prove to be more difficult to find in winter. Some of the most common birds in our area during this season include r...

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temp-post-imageThe weather looks to be getting colder this weekend. Soon, we will need to start using ice melters more frequently to combat the snow and ice. We have provided this short article to help you choose which ice melter is best for you based on the applied-to surface, their age, and the air temperatures.

Rock Salt: Sodium Chloride

Straight rock salt is found in the typical bright yellow bag and is the most economical of ice melters. It is a large pellet and melts snow and ice fast, however in temperatures below 22 degress F, it is practically useless. Recommended only for asphalt. Avoid contact with plants and grasses where possible. May cause irritation to dog paws.

Sure Paws from Safe Step:

Any i...

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Protect your dog’s paws from the uncomfortable and irritating side effects of snow, ice, and rock salt at this time of the year with 100% all natural Musher’s Secret!

Musher’s Secret was originally developed for sledding dogs, who needed protection against the extreme conditions and temperatures they were facing in upper Canada. Once the founders saw how effective it was at protecting dogs paws they started to market their product to specialty retailers.

Musher’s Secret is an all organic paw wax that can be applied to the paws of dogs, horses and many other animals to provide a barrier against all sorts of harsh conditions. The paw wax dries in seconds to provide a semi...

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Even though the cold appears to be setting in quicker than usual this year, it is still very important to take the necessary steps to clean-up around your yard. Here are our recommendations:

For Lawns:

1.) Lower your mower's cutting height to approximately 2 inches for the last couple cuts of the Fall. This will leave more nutrients in the soil and allow the leaf tissue that is present be more prepared for the winter dormancy. The lawn will also green up faster in the spring as a result!

2.) Rake all leaves up around perennials and throughout the lawn. Leaves can trap moisture, block sunlight, and cause winter-born fungus and disease to develop, so it is very important to pick up the leaves thr...

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Determining the color on your walls has never been easier, thanks to the NIX "take-home" paint sensor. This color chip reader scans your wall to determine the closest match among ALL of the colors from the most popular brands, including PPG Paints! Instead of bringing in a chip for us to color-match, now you can rent this tool from us and scan your walls or other surfaces at home to help you choose which colors to use in your next paint project. Simply connects to your smartphone to provide you with immediate color chip readings.

For example, if you have a color on your walls that was there when you purchased your home and have no guess as to which color it is, it can be overwhelming to go t...

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