Father's Day is June 18th

Father's Day is right around the corner. We polled you, our loyalty customers, to see what type of dad's are being shopped for. Based on the responses, we pulled gift ideas for dad from every department!

Handyman In Hardware

Power Tools

What dad doesn't love power tools? Try the Everyday Electric Screwdriver, or electric drill and additional battery.

The Bigger The Better

We even have the big ticket hardware items that he needs like wheelbarrows, ladders, garage shelving, or shop vacuums.


When Dad is doing a tough job, look to Carhartt for working dads or carpenters. We carry only the best for Dad from shirts to jeans or overalls.

New Dads

Start him off right with o...

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Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8th! We want to make buying for Mom this year a cinch because we know it can be a daunting task. We have some ideas that will make finding the best gift easy. We've asked our staff, who happen to be moms themselves, what they would love to receive as a gift, and curated this list of Rollier's Top Mother's Day Gifts for 2022.

Mother's Garden

Gardening Supplies
Get mom the things she needs to tend to her garden like soil, work gloves, gardening tools, etc. We recommend trying Earth Box, we think she'll love it! Tip: Grab a flower and don't forget a watering can, too!

Plant Stands
Purchase a beautiful metal plant stand. Add a ceramic pot, flowers, lovely wall plaque, and ...

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Ticks are a growing concern, for a good reason. With the increasing population of deer in Pittsburgh and reports of Lyme disease diagnosis doubling over the past 10-years, ticks are everywhere. But when do we have to be more concerned about them, how can we identify them, and how best to remove them are questions that any of us might have. In this blog article, we try to address some of these topics.

When are ticks at their peak? As with most bugs, ticks have a seasonal life cycle. Typically the tiny nymphs are the ones that feed heavily in the spring and summer (May through July) and that do the most damage in transmitting Lyme disease to their hosts. Other stages of ticks are not as likely ...

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There are so many weed controls now-a-days, but which one is right for you? In this article, we attempt to provide some general tips and recommendations to make this choice an easier one for you. Here we go...


Organic vs Chemical: Organic weed controls continue to evolve and become more effective, so if the desire is to go organic, there are now effective options to kill and prevent weeds while being 100% organic. Liquids such as ones with Iron HEDTA are safe for lawns and are effective against common broadleaf weeds and even harder to kill weeds such as clover and moss. Organic products tend not to be as broad purpose as chemically derived ones. Organics also work best in the hot summer mon...

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Spring BloomWe have seen a roller-coaster of temperatures and weather as usual in Pittsburgh this spring, and this week we are going to experience some temperatures at or below freezing. When wind chill is factored in, our early season blooms is be in jeopardy. To protect these early spring bulbs, such as crocus, hyacinths, daffodils, and soon tulips, from a late frost, we recommend using blankets or buckets through the cold nights to insulate them. The most important time to protect these buds are when several days of freezing temperatures are expected (below 29 degrees) or once the plant has already started to flower.

Here are a couple of tips when protecting spring blooms.

1. Cover plants with an old...

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temp-post-imageGasoline mowers can present some unwelcome repairs from time-to-time, but if you perform some simple yearly maintenance you can extend the life of your mower and prevent costly repairs. In this article, we key in on 3 steps that one should perform annually to make sure that their mower is starting quickly and running smoothly!

1. Change Air Filter - This is an easy step, but an important one! A clean air filter ensures that the air being used in the engine combustion process is clean and free of dirt. There have been many different types of filters made over the years, including foam filters and pleated paper filters. Once you have found your correct replacement, replacing the air filter gen...

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Now through the early parts of November are the best times to plant spring-blooming flower bulbs, such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocus, and more! These flowers are the first blooms that we see each spring and become a welcome sign to our gardens after a long and cold winter. These bulbs are really simple to plant and they will come back year after year; there is no maintenance or replanting needed.

Bulbs need several weeks in the ground to get their root systems growing before the ground freezes. However, you don’t want to plant them so early in the season that they have time to sprout. Sending up leaves will deplete some of the energy stored in the bulb, which it needs to get i...

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General Finishes has been a premium choice for homeowners and contractors with it comes to project paints and stains around your home. New to our store this summer are General Finishes assortment of milk paint and glazes.


So what is Milk Paint? Milk Paint can mean different things depending on the company. General Finishes milk paints are premixed, highly durable, mineral based paints that are designed to mimic the look of old-world furniture paint. The warm, rich look created by milk paint are great for so many furniture items, including kitchen or bath cabinets, dressers, coffee tables, side tables and more.

Can Milk Paint be made in a custom color? Yes, no problem there. We can mix General ...

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Pantry moths can often be an alarming and disgusting find in our homes. As their names suggests, these are moths that feed on grains and for that reason tend to be found near our kitchens, pantries, or other food storage areas.

First, a little more info on pantry moths. Pantry moths are whitish, gray in color and the adult moths that are most noticeable to us are about 3/4 inch in length. They live a pretty quick life, going from eggs, to larvae, to adult in about 3 months. Adults live long enough to breed, but that is about it. Their complete lifecycle will not exceed about 4 months. It is the adults that breed and lay their eggs in or near a food source (such as flour, cereal, rice, and oth...

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