1922 – The Rollier brothers, Herman and Emil, open Rollier Brothers Plumbing. The business is located across from the intersection of Fifth Ave. and Wilkins in Shadyside. The brothers do plumbing, heating, and roofing service and repair.

1939 – Herman’s youngest daughter Alice marries H. Doyle Satterfield who began to work for the business in 1939. He suggests that they use the front of the building to open a neighborhood hardware store. Here they begin selling the items they used in their business to people in the area who were doing work for themselves.

1966 – The Satterfield sons (Bob, Chuck, and Doug) begin to work in the business along side their father, bringing new ideas to Rolliers. Shortly after the sons join the business the stores in Shadyside and Mt. Lebanon divide. Rollier Brothers Hardware remained in Shadyside and was run by other members of the family. The Mt. Lebanon store is renamed Rollier’s Hardware and is run by the Satterfield family.

1994 – The growing market causes Rollier’s to once again change to meet the times. Large hardware retailers are moving into the area and Rollier’s meets the challenge by designing and building a 52,000 square foot store on Washington Road. This new space is designed with the same basic ideas that were used when the original store opened in 1953: selection, convenience, and customer service. This new store is large (one city block) in order to compete with the selection of merchandise found at the larger retailers. This store is divided into smaller stores within a store to keep the “neighborhood store” feel, making it easier to shop than the other larger stores. Knowledgeable staff in each area helping customers with their projects continues to be what sets Rolliers apart from the competition. These ideas help Rolliers new location to compete and succeed in today’s difficult market.

1928 – Brother Ralph joins the business as they build their new location on Walnut Street at the corner of Bellefonte. This gives the brothers the space they need to house their growing business.

1953 – Rollier Brothers expands to the South Hills, opening the first self-serve hardware store in the area. Rollier’s “Kwik-Serv” Hardware is also the first store around to prepackage nuts, bolts, and nails for convenience. The new store offers its customers a self-service easy to shop format. These concepts of fast convenient customer service begin to draw new customers to Rollier Brothers and the business continues to grow.

1976 – The 10,000 square foot yellow brick building is transformed with a barn façade. The “Big Red Barn” quickly becomes a landmark in the South Hills.

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