• Highly experienced and knowledge sales clerks
• Top quality interior and exterior paints from PPG Paints, and California Paints (expert color matching available).
• All the tools and materials you need to prepare, paint, and clean-up!
• Wood stains, restoring products, and touch-up markers for all types of furniture
• Deck stains from Olympic, Penofin, DEFY, PPG ProLuxe, and Zar.
• Cleaners for house exteriors, decks, graffiti, areas of mold and mildew and other hard-to-treat areas
• Distributor and retailer of the Ames Research waterproofing products for walls, roofs, and flat surfaces.

• Rent our take-home color sensor, this device will help you choose colors in your home by scanning walls and other surfaces!  Stop by our Paint service counter for more information on the Nix paint sensor!

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Whether you are looking to strip wallpaper, repaint a room, touch-up a piece of antique furniture, resurface your hardwood floors, clean and stain a deck, or waterproof your basement walls, we have the top quality products that will be sure you get long-lasting, beautiful results. Following the proper steps with any of these projects is very critical, so lean on the experience of our helpful sales staff and ask them any questions you might have. Whether you are a new homeowner looking to do things for a first time, or someone that just needs some guidance to be sure that things are done right, we are here to help! We have highlighted some of the categories that are most popular in our Paint Department below. If you are looking for something special, please give us a call at 412-561-0922.

Expert Color Matching: Love a color that you have used before but can’t remember the name or brand? No problem. Bring in a dime-sized chip of paint, and we will be able to match the color into the paints offered in our store from either PPG Paints, or California Paints (Magazines and fabrics do not work well because of their textures or lack of opaqueness – sorry). We are now the only retailer of Manor Hall paints in the area, as the PPG company stores no longer sell this label.

Painting Tools: Our selection of rollers, brushes, and paint trays will surely meet your needs. Paintbrushes and rollers are available for a range of prices. Certainly, you will find something to meet your standards and finish your job. Of course, we have all of the paint trays, corner rollers, buckets, extenders, paint pads, and more that you might need for those less typical applications.

Nix Paint Sensor (Rental): Our newest addition to our Paint Department is the Nix paint sensor available for rent. Designed to identify any color imaginable, from paint, fabric, plants, and much more! Easy to use, start by downloading the Nix Paints app and sync to your smartphone. Place the Nix device on the desired color, and it will pull the closest paint color match in our system. All that is left to do is stop in-store at our Paint service counter to pick up your exact paint color!

Hardwood Floor Sanding Machine (Rental): We offer daily rentals of our do-it-yourself floor sander and all of the sanding pads you will need to strip and smooth the layers of polyurethane and polishes that have coated your floor. After sanding, be sure to pick up one of our floor finishes for added protection for many years to come!

Deck Cleaners and Stains: Stop by for everything you need to clean and renew your deck, porch, or pergola. We have powerful cleaners such as Olympic’s deck cleaner, as well as long-lasting, waterproof stains from Penofin, Olympic, DEFY, and PPG ProLuxe.

Hunter Douglas Window Treatments: We apologize, but we no longer carry this brand. 

Ames Research Waterproofing Products: Ames Research offers a complete line of premium elastomeric coatings and paints for roofs, walls, decks, basements, and more. Their quality is second to none, so if you are looking for the best and for the peace of mind that your walls and roofs will not leak again, be sure to consider Ames Research products. We are a distributor for them, so if you have a large project in mind, we should have what you need in stock!

Spray Paint (Every Color Imaginable): Our selection of spray paint is rather unforgettable! We have over 400 cans of different spray paint in almost any color, sheen, and function. Be sure to check us out for your next spray painting project.

Stains and Touch-Up Markers: Whether you are looking to renew a piece of antique or aged furniture, consider our wildly popular Howards Restore products. Simple to use; turns any project, that seems grueling, into a pleasure. If all you need is to touch up a nick or scratch in a dresser, table, or chair, some of our touch-up pens and stain markers will work great for hiding those scratches and save you lots of time. After a stain or polyurethane? We offer a great selection from Varathane, Minwax, and Zar.

Moss, Mold, and Mildew Inhibitors: We have a complete selection of products that will clean and/or prevent the growth of moss, mold, and mildew – a culprit amongst any household. Find out how to treat these surfaces, both inside and outside your house, to keep them from coming back repeatedly. Wet and Forget Congrobium and Moldex are some of our most popular products that our customers use.

Paint Clean-Up and Disposal: Try some of our unique tools and devices that make cleaning your brushes and rollers quicker and easier while wasting less water. We have different roller washers, brush combs, paint can clips, etc. Do you have some old cans of paint that you need to dispose of? Stop in to grab some of the latex paint hardeners to prepare the paint can for curbside pickup.

Other Items: Caulking for any application (baths, kitchens, windows, doors), electric power washers, crack repair, primers, floor and garage paint, specialty tools, surface or spot cleaners, graffiti removers, sandpaper, sanding blocks, shop towels, heat guns, pump sprayers, buckets, poster board, privacy film and so much more.

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