What's New? General Finishes Milk Paint and Glazes

General Finishes has been a premium choice for homeowners and contractors with it comes to project paints and stains around your home. New to our store this summer are General Finishes assortment of milk paint and glazes.


So what is Milk Paint? Milk Paint can mean different things depending on the company. General Finishes milk paints are premixed, highly durable, mineral based paints that are designed to mimic the look of old-world furniture paint. The warm, rich look created by milk paint are great for so many furniture items, including kitchen or bath cabinets, dressers, coffee tables, side tables and more.

Can Milk Paint be made in a custom color? Yes, no problem there. We can mix General Finishes Milk Paint to match a color that you have always thought would look great on a piece of furniture.

Want to add tint to draw attention to the smaller details of your furniture? Use General Finishes furniture glazes on top of the milk paint to add that extra degree of dimension to your project!

The smooth finish that you get from General Finishes milk paint is just such a great look that will make your project scream awesome! The consistency is quite thick and brush marks are non-existed with this paint. You will be impressed with how well the paint self-levels and is applied very evenly with just one coat. Take a look at the instructional video below to get a closer look at this product and the results that you can expect.

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