How-To: Keep Spring Blooms Protected From Frost

Spring BloomPittsburgh's temperature outlook for this spring is projected to be near average or slightly above average, and with the roller coaster-like temperature changes we've had so far, we have tips to prepare you. There is a chance that we will have some nights to worry about before warm weather is finally here to stay. To protect these early spring bulbs, such as crocus, hyacinths, daffodils, and soon tulips, from a late winter frost, we recommend using blankets or buckets through the cold nights to insulate them. The most important time to protect these buds are when several days of freezing temperatures are expected (below 29 degrees) or once the plant has already started to flower.

Here are a couple of tips when protecting spring blooms.

1. Cover plants with an old bed sheet, burlap, newspaper or some other fabric to keep them insulated from frost, cold air, and wind through the night. If preferred, an empty plastic pot or cardboard box will work just as well. (If using a bed sheet or newspaper, be sure to pin the edges down with a rock or some bricks. Also, be sure to place the cover before night fall.
2. Remove the frost cover the next morning after the frost has lifted from your grass blades. This will allow the plant to breathe and recoup during the day time.
3. Repeat as necessary to protect your plants from frost on consecutive nights.

Thanks for reading everyone! Have a great spring and enjoy the early season blooms!

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