What’s Trending? WeatherTech Floor Liners Protect Your Car’s Interior

Typical car mats seem to only last a couple of years, and the winter takes the biggest toll on their appearance. The snow, ice, and salt discolor our car mats and can become an eye sore quickly in new cars. Consider installing WeatherTech floor liners for the winter, or better yet, keep them installed year round!


I can speak from personal experience just how much I have enjoyed WeatherTech floor liners! I purchased my SUV back in 2006. After 3 years of use my factory installed floor mats had become discolored, crusty and had loss their soft texture. The driver side mat even wore a hole in the mat where my heel would sit when driving the car! It was at this time, I figured that I would give WeatherTech floor liners a try! They arrived in about a week and I have had them installed in my SUV for over 6 years now. they have protected my floors and still look just as good today as the day I installed them. Here are some of the reasons I love them so much:

Custom Fit: WeatherTech makes several products but the most popular for us and the ones that I have used myself are the custom fit floor liners. These mats are made out of a patented tri-extruded composition which allows for a rigid core for strength, and a tactile feel to the surface. Because these liners are digitally fit to your car’s interior, they fill your entire floor and curl up the edges of your car to keep dirt and mess contained.

All Seasons Protection: WeatherTech floor liners are designed for all seasons. Dirt, mud, sand, rain, snow, ice, and rock salt are no match for these floor liners. They are channeled to carry fluids and debris away from your shoes, which is great in the snowy months to keep melting snow and ice away from your clothes!

Long Lasting Results: As I mentioned, my WeatherTech floor liners have lasted 5 years and they still look as good as the day I installed them. They can be removed and cleaned easily with an a garden hose or degreaser as necessary. Made in the USA and backed by a 3 year warranty. Your may purchase just the front row, or liners for every row of the vehicle; they choice is yours!

It’s easy to get your new WeatherTech floor mats… all we need to know is your car and model year. WeatherTech does the rest and, in as little as a week, you will have brand new floor mats! For more information on WeatherTech products, please visit the WeatherTech website or stop into our store and see our full display of all their products!

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