What's Trending? Planting and Caring For Succulents

We love succulents and we have many great products for you to find creative ways to care and display them in your home. Cute and functional planters in various sizes. Terraniums and decorative moss to make a unique display. And a multitude of potting mix and plant foods to make them feel right at home!

Here are some tips for success!

Some sun, but not too much direct sunlight. Succulents love sunlight, but too much can cause them to sunburn. If the plants are getting too little warmth and sunlight, the soil may not dry out enough and be prone to root rot.

Some water, but not too much water. The general rule of thumb is to water succulents indoors once per week. If they are in a sunny spot, you might need to water twice a week. The important thing here is to not over water and if the soil is getting too wet, you will often see soggy leaves. If the soil is too dry, you will often see wilted leaves. So once you find out what works for your particular succulent, you should be able to maintain that watering frequency. Also, it is important to remember that many indoor planters do not have drainage holes. Planters that do not have drainage holes can get over-watered quickly, since the water has no where to drain.

Choose the right potting mix! I can not stress this enough. Succulents (and cactus) are a low maintenance plant, however, the wrong potting mix can be hard to re-wet. The result is that infrequent watering can lead to poor soil quality that ends up losing it water retention properties. We always recommend using a cactus or succulent mix when re-potting them. There are several brands out their, including Espoma's organic mix and another from Miracle-Gro. Our favorite is the Black Gold Cactus Mix. With a name like Black Gold, how could it not be good :). This is a mix with lots of perlite which is the ultimate ingredient in providing good drainage (to prevent root rot) with succulents.

For some additional tips when planting succulents, please view this article from the Espoma company.

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