What’s Trending? Deep Clean Your Carpets Without Water

Many of our customers are looking for a better way to keep their homes clean. We have products all over our housewares department that are giving us alternatives to the traditional Lysol and Clorox and harsh chemicals that we have grown accustomed to. Our busy lifestyles and the sloppy weather, make our carpets prone to stains and spills. When it comes to deep cleaning carpets, most of us are familiar with the wet carpet cleaners such as Rug Doctor and Bissel’s Clean Machine, but what if we told you there was an alternative to the waterlogged carpets created by shampoo or steam cleaning methods? The Host carpet cleaning system is the easier, less messy, completely water-free way to deep clean your carpets!


How does it work? The process is quite simple. First you will want to vacuum the carpets and/or area rugs that are to be cleaned. Then apply the flaky HOST carpet cleaner dust to the carpets. Agitate the carpet fibers in several different directions with the special HOST carpet cleaner brush unit (pictured above). The rotating bristles on this unit scrub your carpets clean of dirt, dust, spills, stains, etc. Once the carpets are clean and the stains are removed, come back with a vacuum and pick up the HOST carpet cleaner dust that has been spread throughout the carpet. If some flakes are left behind, don’t worry; they are all natural and safe for kids and pets.

Why use HOST dry carpet cleaner? Besides for its effectiveness at all types of stains, people love the HOST system because it does not leave behind a wet carpet. As a result, carpets do not run the risk of mold or mildew damage, and rooms are ready for immediate use after cleaning. Plus, the HOST system leaves behind no sticky or soapy residue that may re-attract dust or dirt to the carpet fibers. It’s safe and gentle cleaning bristles are delicate enough for all types of carpets, including shag, orientals, and low pile carpeting. Because of the unique bristle motion, carpets are massaged and carpet fibers that have been matted down for years because of heavy furniture will be lifted. Once you finish with the wall-to-wall clean of a Host carpet cleaner, your carpets will look like new!

If you are interested in renting a Host carpet cleaner, we rent the machines daily, so just stop on by when you are ready. The Host cleaner flakes and spot cleaners are available in store as well. May your carpets always be clean and dry!

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