What’s Trending? Clean Walls Make for a Perfect Paint Job

Have you ever had newly painted walls that look bumpy or show signs of fuzz or lint under the paint? Maybe even new paint that is peeling or not adhering well? If you have experienced these symptoms, it is a good chance that your walls were not clean and dry before paint. Whenever dust, debris, grease, oils etc are on your walls, you will likely notice these imperfections in the finish coat of paint as well. Dust and debris can cause for bumps and ridges to show up. Grease and oils (a common place in kitchens or around light switches) can cause paint to peel or fail to adhere.

By cleaning your walls first, you can be assured that the paint will go on smooth and look beautiful. The importance of this step is magnified when you are talking about a kitchen that might collect grease and grim on the walls, or a bathroom that might have calcium deposits or lint clinging to the walls. This debris may not seem bad at first sight, but when you paint over it (especially with certain colors), you will find that it will stand out even more.

How do you clean and dust your walls? You may dust your walls with a vacuum cleaner or some other sort of lint catcher. To attach grease and grim a simple detergent/water mix with a lint-free sponge can be used. However, if you are looking for the easiest way to dust and clean your walls, we recommend a new product from the Chomp company appropriately called Clean Walls! This product provides you with the reach and the soft touch, lint-free materials that will be non-damaging to your walls. Clean Walls also makes a cleaner concentrate that is mild, yet effective against the grease and grime that may be present.

For more information on this product and the benefits of clean walls before your next paint project, feel free to stop in to our store and talk to our expert paint clerks any day of the week!
Below is an informative video from Lou Manfredini for Housesmarts where he shows the product in action…

HouseSmarts New To Lou Too "CleanWalls Paint Prep Cleaning Kit from CHOMP"" Episode 138

Before you paint, it's important to clean your walls and ceiling. And thanks to this week's New to Lou Too, that important step has never been easier.

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