What’s Trending? A Better Drought Tolerate Grass Seed

Our Jonathan Green grass seed mixtures might be the best seed that money can buy! Why is this you say? Well, each Jonathan Green mixture includes some Black Beauty tall fescue. This turf-grade tall fescue is unique to Jonathan Green and it results in a dark green lawn created by a fine bladed grass that is pleasant to walk on and extremely drought tolerate. In fact, the Black Beauty grass in Jonathan Green mixtures can grow roots up to 4 feet deep. With roots this deep, grass will have a better chance to survive the next drought or compete with tree and shrub roots in heavily shaded areas!

Not only are Jonathan Green mixes more drought tolerate than normal, they are also made up of naturally insect resistant grasses. This is because of the Endophytes that are present in all of their mixes. Endophytes are a beneficial fungus that resists plants from being eaten by surface-feeding insects that can cause all sorts of problems through the summer.

As a result, if you have had trouble with overly sunny spots, heavily shaded spots, or surface insects in your lawn, consider using genetically superior Jonathan Green grass seed mixes on your next undertaking! You will not be disappointed!!

Stop in and see one of our sales clerks for more information on Jonathan Green grass seed, or visit their website, seen here.


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