What's Trending? Wet and Forget products make clean-up EASY!


The Wet and Forget family of products were introduced to the US over 10 years ago, and they have become a favorite of many because of how simple and easy they are to apply! As the name suggests, simply WET and FORGET. No scrubbing, no rinsing required.

I recently had an opportunity to use these products at my home in Dormont on a few locations that have continually gotten worse and worse with mold and moss growth. This organic growth was forming on a wooden seating bench as well as a decorative retaining wall at the side of my house. That's why I called upon Wet and Forget! The results in just 2 weeks have been fantastic. The retaining well is more porous and for that reason will take a little more time for complete clean. The more rain we get, the quicker the product will work. Each time it rains the residual from Wet and Forget gets reactivated and goes to work to wipe away the stains.

Wet and Forget is different than many outdoor cleaners for two main reasons...

1) No scrubbing required. Simply spray Wet and Forget to drench the areas needing cleaned. No need to scrub in any way!

2) Residual helps to keep regrowth away for up to 12 months. Because of this residual, we have many customer use it to simply prevent regrowth of mold, mildew, or moss in problem areas that seem to need some sort of clean each year.

Since the original outdoor formula was introduced many years ago, the same company has come out with additional formulas for indoor and outdoor use. Wet and Forget Shower is a weekly shower spray that will clean soap scum and mildew and will also keep it away. Wet and Forget Indoor is a disinfectant cleaner that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in a quick and easy to use formula. Lastly, Wet and Forget Outdoor is now available in a hose-end spray bottle which is great for those hard-to-reach areas on the roof or side of the house.

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