What's Trending? Slow Down and Grill


Grilling season is in full force and many of us are using our grills weekly. There is so much that you can do on a grill and the food always tastes so good... you just can not beat the flavor that you get from a good 'ole barbecue :)

With that said, there has been a growing trend to slow-down and cook at slow temperatures for mouth-watering barbecue. This is called smoking, because you are using a lower temperature to slow cook meats so that they are more tender and have more smoky flavor. Now it is easier than ever before to have your very own smoker. Here are some options that we offer this year:

The Big Green Egg - This is the ultimate grill because it can do so many tasks so well, one of which includes smoking. The ceramic Komado style of this grill holds heat so well that you can maintain steady low temperatures (such as 200 or 250 degrees) for hours on end. And flavor and smoke by choosing the smoking chips of your choices to add to the charcoal. For more information on Big Green Egg - view our brand page >

The Traeger pellet grill - This is the easiest way to smoke, for sure! Traeger grills use 100% hardwood pellets as fuel to their fire! These pellets are ignited automatically to reach and hold the temperature that you have the grill set for. Whether you want to cook at 250 degrees or 425 degrees, a Traeger grill makes it simple and easy. All of their grills now come with a digital temperature control. Simply fill up the hopper with pellets, set your temperature and forget-it! For more information on Traeger - view our brand page >

The Broil King SMOKE - This vertical smoker allows you to layer meats onto 4 adjustable cooking shelves. The result is a huge cooking surface despite taking up very little space on your patio. We stock the easy-to-use gas operated unit that runs off a typical 15-20 lb cylinder. Control your temperatures with the thermostat at the base of the grill, close the grill, and let this grill smoke away! For more information on this vertical smoker, please visit the Broil King SMOKE page >

The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker - This vertical smoker runs off charcoal and has been trusted by many for great-tasting low and slow cooking. Available in 3 sizes, we stock the 18" model. Load up your charcoal and flavored wood for smoking below and let this cooker go to work. For more information on the Smokey Mountain Cookers from Weber, please visit their website >

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