What's Trending? Safer Weed Controls

Safer alternatives to weed control have been around for 10+ years, but in the last 2 years we have seen a growing number of options in this category! If you are opposed to using chemicals in your lawn and garden, there are now many more options to kill and contain weeds around your home than ever before. And their effectiveness is quite impressive as well.


Weed and grass killers are best applied to garden areas around mature plants, or around driveways, sidewalks and other structures. Burnout from Bonide is a favorite for many years and works by 'burning' the leaves of plants to effectively kill the plant. Spectricide's weed and grass killer is new to our store and a much safer alternative to gylsophate products. This was the product that I choose to use this year and the results have been awesome, just take a look at the center photo! That was after 4 days in the summer sun. Safer or all-natural product used to not kill the root, but most of these products kill the root of the plant now, so that is great to preventing them from regrowing just weeks later.

Lawn weed controls are a little harder to come by, but two products in particular have been very good against weeds that are actively growing in your lawns. We carry Bonide's Weed Beater Fe and Pulverize; both products are made from chelated iron. Now many of you may be wondering how iron kills weeds, when it is very beneficial for your lawn? This is because the chelated form of Iron (FeHEDTA) is absorbed much easier and faster in broadleaf weeds than through grass-like turf. The iron oxidation caused plant necrosis which kills the weed. First is dries up and then it turns black and dies... how exciting is that! Granular weed controls for your lawn are not available as organics, unless if you are looking to prevent weeds. In that case, consider using corn gluten meal as a weed preventer several times during the year.

View these products and more in our lawn and garden department! We are happy to assist with any questions that you might have.

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