What's Trending? Innovative garden stakes make plant support a cinch


We have two innovative solutions from Peacock plant supports. One is a solution that we have sold for years, the other is brand new this year. Both are helping your fruits, vegetables, and flowers hold up to the ugly weather so that you can enjoy the blooms (or produce) even further into the summer.

Adjustable plant supports that grow with your plants and offer a range of solution: These supports started it all of this Dutch company. First you purchase a support stake in 1 of 4 sizes ranging from 30" to 60". Then you attach a support ring, border support, or grow-through grid based off your plants needs. The grow through grids are great for early season use on daisies or peonies as you simply let the plants go up through the grid. The rings and border supports are great for keeping plants from falling in walkways or collapsing entirely to where the blooms get ruined. The possibilities are endless with Peacock plant supports, so we invite you to check them out in our Garden Department.

Customizable stake system for vegetables: Peacock veggie stakes are wide and supportive. You can use them alone, or tie them together to create a teepee or pyramid for vegetables to grow up on. This system is so great because it is so flexible based on your needs for the season. The tall spiral stakes are great for tomatoes as well. It is hard to show everything that this system can do, so be sure to check them out in our store. Here is a link to their website for more information: http://www.peacocksupportsusa.com/veggie-supports


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