What's Trending? Dry, cracked skin need O'Keeffe's Working Hands


During the winter time, the dry air does a number on our hands and feet. I know that I feel like I'm constantly moisturizing and still ending up with dry, cracked skin on my hands. After a while, severely dry skin will get irritated and could even bleed easily because it is not as supple as it usually is. Oh the joys of winter time :)

If you are constantly battling dry hands and have not had success with other moisturizers, then consider O'Keeffe's Working Hands. This moisturizer provides a protective coating to the skin and also moisture to be drawn to the skins surface without being pulled away from the skin. This product is indented for severe situations but also does great when your skin doesn't need major corrective action.

If your feet are more trouble than your hands, then O'Keeffe's makes a product called Working Feet for dry and severely cracked heels and toes. This healing cream is non-greasy, just like the Working Hands product, and provides long-lasting relief from dry skin.

With both products, you will want to use as needed and reapply throughout the day as you wash your hands. See our large display in our Hardware Department for more information, or check out the O'Keeffe's website for some inspiring testimonials!

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