What’s Trending… Feed Birds, Not Squirrels with Cole’s Hot Meats Bird Seed

Squirrels are foraging constantly right now… searching for seeds and nuts to hold them through the winter. This makes the fall a great time to switch over to Cole’s bird seed varieties with added chili peppers to create a fiery taste that birds love and that squirrels hate! Our most popular mix from Cole’s is their Hot Meats formula that is rich in sunflower kernels that are actually seasoned with the spice of liquid habanero chili peppers!

Birds love it, Squirrels hate it – When birds eat fiery hot peppers and seeds, the lack of taste receptors on their tongue and a digestive track that fails to break them down means that they are unaffected by their spice. Mammals, such as squirrels, digest chili seeds differently and instead have a flaming hot distaste to Cole’s Hot Meats bird food. Squirrels may try the seed, but they won’t be staying around all day and stock piling it for winter.

Does Cole’s Hot Meats cause harm to Squirrels – the burning sensation caused by Hot Meats is only a temporary sensory pain and it goes away just as it does for humans. There is no physical damage to the eye, nose, or throat.

The result – Your bird feeder will finally attract what it is supposed to. Gone are squirrels that hog the bird seed and spill it all over the ground, attracting unwanted animals, like deer, or rodents, like rats or groundhogs. The high quality seed mixture has no waste and is all natural, two things that birds will absolutely love!

Already have your favorite bird seed, but want to cut down on the unwanted visitors? You might want to consider Cole’s Flaming Squirrel seed sauce. This liquid concentrate of cajun seasoning will make any bag of bird seed into a “hot product” that squirrels and other mammals will not enjoy.

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