What’s New? Yeti Coolers

The YETI is now at Rollier’s! We are excited to offer the most durable, most insulated coolers on the market. They are the preferred choice for avid fisherman, hunters, campers, tailgaters, and backyard barbecue kings.

Yeti coolers were developed by avid fisherman and outdoors men that are committed to quality. They will not comprise, and one look at these coolers will make that evident. There is up to 3″ of insulation around all sides of the cooler, including the lid that is sealed with a rubber gasket all the way around. Cool air stays inside and hot air stays out!


They are built-to-last and come with a manufacturer’s 5 year warranty, but they really should last you much longer than that. Yeti encourages you to stand on their coolers, toss them into your truck, and carry them all around the outdoors with you; they will stand up to the toughest elements. In fact, Yeti coolers are grizzly bear-proof!

Currently, we are stocking some of their most popular products and colors, including the Roadie 20, Tundra 35, and Tundra 65 coolers. As well as their 20 rambler (travel mug) and security lock/tie downs. If you are interested in any of their other sizes or products, we can easily special order them!

For more information on Yeti coolers, please visit our dedicated Yeti brand page, or the Yeti website

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