What's New... Weber SmokeFire Pellet Grills

The newest innovation from Weber is there SmokeFire pellet grills, now available for the spring of 2020. These pellet grills are next level barbecues, that provide you the convenience of easy to control, low and slow barbecue, as well as the searing capabilities of a 600 degree grill. With the hardwood pellet fuel, you will always achieve spectacular smokey flavor!

This grill is loaded with features, here are some of the key points:

The digital temperature control makes it effortless to control the temperature. Simply set your temperature and let the grill do the work. It is just like setting your thermostat at home - super simple! You may set any temperature from 200 degrees (for low and slow barbecue) to 600 degrees (for quick searing of red meats).

Even heat throughout the grill is a standard for Weber. Thanks to their Flavorizer bars, the heat is deflected from edge to edge of this grill so that food at the center of the grill will cook consistent with that at the edges.

WIFI technology allows you to constantly monitor the temperature of your grill from your phone. The included meat probes allow you to get notifications when the meat has reached desired temperatures. This feature allows you to stay inside the home, chat with friends, or watch the big game and still know everything about your grill. Also allows you to left the grill lid sparingly, which locks in all of the delicious flavor-enhancing smoke to your food!

The grease control system allows you to quickly clean up the grease and drippings that were waste from the prior cook. Simply slide out the tray beneath the grill and empty the aluminum drip pan and that's it. It is also hidden from curious ground squirrels and rodents that might find those drippings to be an appeal.

For authentic wood fired test, the new Weber SmokeFire pellet grills are your answer. These grills are great for anyone looking for a easy-to-use barbecue with tremendous versatility. They are also great to compliment a gas grill that you already own, so that you can slow cook and smoke delicious ribs, pork shoulder, or other barbecue items!

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