What’s New? Sweet Peet – The Best Mulch on Earth

It’s new to our store once again – it’s Sweet Peet! This all natural mulch take ones full year to make. Sweet Peet is a super fine grade mulch that has a unique composition. What makes it so unique, you ask?

1. Sweet Peet retains moisture better than mulch. In fact, it has a water holding capacity of twice its weight (other mulches hold little to none). The Sweet Peet retains water and slowly releases it to the root zone during dry weather conditions.

2. Sweet Peet decomposes into humus in just one year’s time – no need to remove the old, dried up product because there won’t be any the next season. It’s great for vegetable gardens because it will break down over the course of the year and turn into nutrient rich humus that will eventually dissolve into the ground.

3. Provides nourishment for healthier and more vigorous plants. Sweet Peet contains agricultural manure that makes plants love this stuff even more!

4. Improves soil health by encouraging beneficial microbes to populate.

5. Suppresses weed growth because of it’s naturally occurring carbon to nitrogen formulation. Weeds and weed seeds are destroyed during this patented process.

Sweet Peet has many uses around your garden. Use as a typical mulch for an elegant look around your plants. The moisture retention does a fabulous job at keeping roots cool and moist. You can also mix it with old or poor soil as an amendment to improve drainage and soil structure. I have had great success using it has a topper to potting soil – it looks great and helps to retain the moisture so that watering is less frequent and soil consistency stays ideal.

Consider Sweet Peet in your garden this year. I love to recommend it around garden areas and for the tops of potted plants, but you can use it anywhere else you would typically use mulch. We are confident that you will love the look and the results! Stop by our Garden Department to see our product sample.

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