What's New: Miele TriFlex Cordless Vacuums


Miele's superior performance, suction, and design is now in the form of a cordless stick vacuum. This new vacuums are convenient, effective, and super easy-to-use. The first ones available at our store are the TriFlex HX1 in ruby red, and the TriFlex HX1 Cat and Dog (with improved filtration and included small electrobrush head).

Here are some of the prominent features of these TriFlex vacuums:

Superior Suction - Thanks to the vortex motor and Miele's effecient design, the suction created from these cordless vacuums are on par with Miele's best C3 canisters. The suction control at the handle easily adjusts between 3 different power levels depending on what you cleaning.

3-In-1 Flexibility - Move the motor around depending on your task. Remove the motor and use this vacuum in the handheld mode for cars, stairs or furniture.

11" Wide PowerHead - Large spaces can be swept quickly thanks to a wide 11" brush head. This one brush head is capable of cleaning all types of surfaces including hard surfaces, delicate rugs, or even deep pile carpet. If you need to clean the bristles, the unique design allows you to remove the entire beater bar without any tools needed!

Battery Life - Powered by Li-Ion technology, the removable battery cleans for up to 60 minutes in the handheld mode. Engage the powerhead and run times vary from 17 - 30 minutes, depending on the suction setting. Set the unit on the wall mount bracket in-between uses to keep the unit charged and ready to go. A full charge will take about 4 hours.

2 Year Warranty - Miele is known for their warranties and these new vacuums are protected by a 2 year full warranty, including the motor, battery, and all other components.

Get a closer look at these vacuums with the introduction video below...

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