What’s New: Flame Boss Temperature Control for Your Smoker/Grill

The Flame Boss is like having “cruise control” for your smoker grill. A task that would originally require quite a bit of refinement and frequent stops at the grill to ensure the correct smoking temperature has now become easier than ever!

How does it work? The Flame Boss controls the grill temperature with the use of an electric fan. This fan is accelerated when more heat is needed, and the fan lows down when the grill is at the target temperature. Essentially, the Flame Boss is constantly measuring the grill temperature to make sure that temperatures are maintained through the cooking process. Even better yet, the built-in WIFI technology of the Flame Boss 200 allows you to communicate with your grill from your very own smart phone, tablet, or computer. Simply logon to their online portal for complete control!

The Flame Boss is easy to use and easy to install. Simply attach the fan to the intake on your charcoal smoker and plug the wires into the control monitor (that sits beside your grill). The monitor can also read the meat temperature of whatever it is that you are cooking, so you will always know how close you are to completion. Set your target meat temperature and the Flame Boss will slower its temperature and just keep meats warm when complete. Works with most Komodo style grills including the Big Green Egg. The video below is a nice introduction to the product.

Stop by our grill department if you would like more information.

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Flame Boss Smoker 100 Smoker Controller Introduction

How does a smoker controller regulate a charcoal smoker temperature? Grill Girl shows how a Flame Boss controls the temperature of Big Green Egg. Get your own at http://www.FlameBoss.com More from Grill Girl at: http://grillgirl.com/

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