What’s New: DeWit Garden Tools – A Better Hand Tool

We are excited to start offering some DeWit hand tools in our store. The DeWit lineup of Dutch made hand tools are the finest money can buy. Whether you are an avid gardener or just someone that likes quality tools, you will not be disappointed with the design and craftsmanship offered by DeWit.

The right tool can make all the difference: DeWit tools are built for the long haul and are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Their blades are made from high-quality Swedish boron steel (the same steel that is used on a popular brand of bulldozer blades) and forged for long-lasting strength and durability! The handles are made from certified ash hardwood and ergonomically shaped for ease-of-use.

There are hundreds of tools in the DeWit portfolio, but we have started with 5 of their most popular hand tools: Forged hand trowel, potting trowel, patio knife, cape cod weeder, and dutch hand hoe. Not only are they built to last, but the DeWit designs and specialty tools make certain jobs a lot easier. This is especially so with the DeWit patio knife. I love this tool! It makes cleaning out the weeds between concrete pavers a breeze; it’s thin, yet sturdy blade, knifes through the weeds and cut them deep down so that they will be less likely to come back! Their cape cod weeder is also a unique one; it is flared at the end and scoops under mulch to cut weeds at their roots. This unique design allows mulch to remain largely undisturbed which can not be said with all weeders.

There is just something different about DeWit tools and you can feel the quality from the first time you pick one up! They are built from the “best materials so you can have a tool that gets the job done, gets it done right, and continues to work for you year after year.”


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