What’s New? All Natural lawn weed killer from Bonide (Safe for People and Pets)

Weeds are encroaching on our lawns and we have been getting lots are requests for weed controls of all types. There are the typical granules and liquid spray products, but this year we also have a highly-effective organic lawn weed control.

What makes this unique from other organic controls is its selective nature. Before if you wanted an organic product, it would kill or “burn” out your grass (or other desirable plants) that came in contact with it. Introducing the new Bonide Weed Beater FE weed control. This product is made from a high concentration of Iron HEDTA, which harms the structure of weeds, but not those of desirable grasses. It is pretty amazing AND effective! It has been proven to control many common weeds that we battle with, including dandelion, moss, clover, broad-leaf plantain, bull thistle, common chickweed, speedwell, and even some diseases.
This product is available in 2 ready-to-use formulas. A 32 oz spray bottle as well as a 128 oz (gallon) spray bottle. Stop by our garden department for more information. Check out this short video from the Bonide website for more information about Weed Beater FE…

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