What's New? Open Farm Dog Food


The newest addition to our pet department is Open Farm dog food! We are extremely excited to start offering this food, which is known for being ethically sourced and highly nutritious. If your dog has grown disinterested in his or her current food, or you are looking for a healthier option, you will definitely want to consider Open Farm. Here are some of the main benefits of their foods:

Nutrition to the nth degree: Open farm is committed to quality in every recipe. They source from family farmers that are committed to exceptional quality and sustainable farming practices. Each recipe focuses on premium proteins and eliminate all low quality ingredients, such as corn, wheat, soy, and rice. All fruits and vegetables used are non-GMO, include generous proportions of coconut and fish oils, and contain prebiotic fibers to help support healthy digestion.

Highly Transparent: Each recipe clearly marks where the food came from and what is inside. Most ingredients are locally-sourced and all suppliers must pass regular testing and mandates to continue providing ingredients for Open Farm. They are committed to ethnically, sustainable sourcing and it shows in their product.

For more information on the Open Farm brand and it's products, please visit their website.

What we are stocking: We are currently stocking dry dog food recipes, wet food, freeze-dried treats, and baked dog treats.

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