What's New? Muck garden shoes for Men and Women


New to our garden department this spring are Muck garden shoes, for both men and women. Currently we are stocking 5 of the most popular Muck shoes, some are low and some are taller mid-sized boots. All come with the Muck 12 month guarantee and unsurpassed waterproof qualities.

- 100% waterproof - made from waterproof leather and rubber, Muck boots are designed to keep your feet dry and dirt free. Small amounts of dirt wont be pushing it's way through these shoes. The waterproof design is great for working in your yard during those "mucky" days as well :)

- Rubber outer soles provide safety and traction even on wet, slippery surfaces.

- Easy to rinse or wash - Because Muck shoes are made durable, resistant materials, they are easy to wash. Typically all you need to do is give them a good rinse, and allow them to dry before your next use.

- All day comfort - Muck boots are intended for all-day use and comfort. They offer a more comfortable sole than many comparable shoes. As a result, your feet will be able to handle a long day outside in the yard.

Check out all the styles in our garden department, now through the summer.


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