What's New? Grandpa Gus's bug and rodent repellents


We are quite excited about this newest addition to our line-up of repellents. Grandpa Gus's makes all natural yet potent bug and rodent repellents for people and around homes. Here is a summary of what we are currently carrying:

1. Mouse Repellent Pouches - These pouches are made from all natural ingredients, such as peppermint, cinnamon, soap, and vermiculite. They will last up to 30 days and help to freshen the air as well (thanks to the vermiculite and the essential oils)!

2. Mosquito Repellent Spray - This lemon-scented spray is 100% Deet free and safe to use on your skin. Lasts for hours. Sold in a convenient 4 oz travel bottle size.

3. Tick Repellent Spray - This citrus-scented spray is 100% Deet free and safe to use on humans and pets. Lasts for hours. Simple spray on skin and let dry. For application to pets, spray on fur and rub in, then apply another coat to the fur and let dry.

4. Squirrel and Chipmunk Repellent Spray - This cinnamon-scented spray is non-toxic and meant for use around your home or garden. Great for spraying bird feeders, wiring, plants, lawn mowers, sheds, and inside attics or garages. Use as needed.

Check out all of these products in our Lawn and Garden Department. Just look for the floor display with Grandpa Gus on the top!

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