Spend a Little, Save a Lot... Masonry Waterproofer Holds Up for 3+ Years


We sell lots of concrete and masonry waterproofers each year to help protect porous stone and concrete surfaces from snow and ice damage. However, the majority of products only last 1 season. They wear off quickly with frequent contact with car tires and through sunlight and natural elements. If using these products, you will typically need to reapply every 1-2 years to prevent damage to expensive concrete surfaces, such as your driveway or walkways.

For those that wish to seal concrete less frequently, you will be excited to know that we sell a longer-lasting alternative! Masonry Saver's heavy duty masonry water repellent lasts up to 5 years with just one application. This is perfect for the individual that is looking to save time. However, at 2-3x the cost of the cheaper alternatives, it can save you money in the long run as well!

This water repellent may be applied with a sprayer or by roller and requires concrete surfaces to be clean and dry to the touch before application. Also, temperatures most be above freezing, both during the days and nights.

I have first-hand experience with this product, and I must say that it is very much worth the money! I always struggled to find the time to clean and seal my new concrete surfaces during the Fall. I would even get as far as having everything cleaned, but never the time to apply the sealer. After two years of noticing damage through the winter months to my new driveway, I decided that there must be a better way! That was when I learned about Masonry Saver and I must say it is a true time saver! I am loving the water repellent qualities of this product and I am confident that it is doing its job at protecting my new concrete driveway.

The next time you need a concrete sealer, be sure to consider applying Masonry Saver's heavy duty water repellent. Apply in the Spring or Fall depending on what is convenient for you. Again, one application will protect your expensive masonry surfaces for up to 5 years!

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