Spend a Little, Save a Lot: The revolutionary I-Start from Echo

We hear from so many people, that gasoline engines are hard-to-start. Sometimes this is the result of old or poor gas, other times it is because of poor engine design or maintenance. Purchasing good, quality gas-powered tools, such as those from Echo, is a great way to ensure many years of hassle-free use. Plus, using ethanol free gasoline is very helpful (especially now-a-days) and we talk about that in more detail in a prior Blog article (seen here).

If you are looking for the EASIEST to start engine, hands-down... it is the I-75 recoil start engines from Echo. What makes the I-Start so unique? It is the spring-assisted recoil start that requires 75% starting effort than a typical small engine. There is very little resistance when you pull the cord to start this engine. Once the cord is pulled about 18 inches from the unit, the spring assisted starter engages and the engine turns over! It is that simple. We stock a couple different I-Start string trimmers from Echo - We encourage you to stop by and check them out in person.

Below, you will find a quick video from Echo that shows just how easy the I-Start engine is to start!

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