Spend a Little – Save a Lot: GoJo Pumice Hand Cleaner

If you have been doing projects around the house, chances are that your hands are taking a beating. They are being covered in soil, grease, dirt, paint and random sticky substances that came from somewhere! At the end of your project, if you are looking for a better way to quickly clean your hands and arms from those dirty, grimy substances, you should try GoJo’s hand cleaner.

GoJo’s hand cleaner is made in a smooth formula as well as the pumice cleaner. They both remove the same dirt, grease, tar and paint, but the ones with added pumice will be a little more heavy duty for those tougher applications. What makes GoJo’s hand cleaner unique is two-fold. 1) It’s cleaner uses very little water. Just a few drops is all that you need to move the product around and to coat your hands. If no water is available, you can simply rub briskly and wipe dry. 2) It is highly effective on removing sticky and oily substances. When GoJo’s hand cleaner is activated on our hands, it pulls the dirt and tar away from your hands with little effort. These messes are often the toughest to remove, but with GoJo they are easy to take care of.

For about $4 this product is a great addition to anyone’s garage or ‘slop’ sink. Available in the original formula and the natural orange formula. Both are available with or without pumice. GoJo is sold everyday in our Automotive Aisle near Housewares.


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