Spend A Little – Save A Lot: 3M Headlight Restoration Kit

According to the motor vehicle lighting council, cloudy headlamps, taillights and other plastic features of a vehicle have caused an estimated 2.8 million auto accidents, 23,000 fatal crashes and 2,300 pedestrian deaths each year!


Most vehicles on the road today have headlight covers made from plastic, which make them very susceptible to yellowing and cloudiness from the sun’s UV rays. Over time the sun’s rays can reduce the light output of your vehicle’s headlamps by up to 90%!

Back in the day if you wanted to clean your headlamps you would have spent at least $100, if not more, to have them professionally restored by an automotive detailer or pay $600-1,000 to have them replaced!

Now several companies are making do-it yourself kits that enable you too clean up your headlights for as little as $16.97 and an hour of your time.

If you plan on taking a family vacation, or already struggle with seeing the road in the dark take a look at your headlamps and see if they are dull or foggy.

3M has three different headlight kits to restore your headlamps.

  • Headlight Restoration Kit (No tools required!) – Good for headlamps with minor cloudiness. Recommended that you purchase automotive masking tape.
  • Headlight Restoration System (Requires standard household drill 1200-1600 rpm) – Ideal for heavy cloudy/foggy headlamps. Must also purchase automotive masking tape.
  • Lens Renewal System (Requires standard household drill 1200-1600 rpm) – Ideal for heavy cloudy/foggy headlamps. Includes automotive masking tape.

NOTE: All kits will require you to supply a spray bottle with water and a detail cloth.

Headlight Restoration 3M Auto Tips

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