Now’s the time to: Reseed bare spots and overseed your lawn

If your lawn is suffering from bare spots, it is important to reseed in the early spring.

By doing so, you will fill in these spots with desirable turf grass before the weeds stake claim! Bare spots can be caused for many different reasons, including dog urine, insect damage, evasive weeds, drought, foot traffic, dog urine, and moss. Regardless of how the bare spots occurred, the same general steps must be taken to ensure that the new grass germinates well and feels in the gaps (please reference our Blog article from September 2014, where we outline the steps for successful reseeding).


If your lawn is looking rather sparse all throughout, then you might be best served by overseeding your lawn. This is done by spreading grass seed lightly throughout the entire lawn and letting it feel in the gaps. Many of our turf grasses do not thicken very quickly, so a thin lawn can be fortified by overseeding. More grass seeds, means more grass blades and a thicker lawn that is more weed and drought resistant!

If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions and you are looking to reseed this spring, you will NOT want to use a pre-emergent weed/crabgrass preventer (such as Scotts Halts, Scotts Step 1, or Jonathan Green’s crabgrass preventer). These weed preventers are great products but they do not know which seeds are desirable and which ones are bad; preventing grass seed from germinating just as they do weed seeds for up to 4 months. The key here is to get your reseeding done early! This will allow you to get a jump start on your lawn and to fill in those bare spots before trees start to flower and temperatures start to get more severe. To get your seed to grown quicker, you will want to consider using a starter fertilizer when seeding or overseeding. Then based on your time, you can follow that up with another dose of feed once your seedlings have grown tall enough to be mowed several times (about 4-6 weeks after seeding).

There are so many topics when it comes to spring lawn care, so please stop by at your convenience and talk to one of our sales clerks. We will be happy to tailor an approach to your lawn and its specific needs!

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