Now's the Time to: Bring Plants Indoors


The nights (and days) are getting colder... which means that it is time to bring plants indoors before they are zapped by the frosty weather. Here are some tips that we have to make this process a successful one...

1. Treat plants for bugs: Bringing in plants without the bugs is the key here. Before bringing outside plants in, be sure to inspect the leaf surfaces (both top and bottom) for visible bugs. Look for bugs of all sizes and look hard because many harmful bugs can be tiny, pinhead sized. To treat for bugs we recommend different solutions based on where they are located. In the

2. Re-pot plants to "livin" up soil: Soil that has been used all season is typically low on nutrients, compacted, and more likely to cause root rot. Poor soil conditions can often be the home of bugs, so getting rid of the old and replacing it with new can help the plant in so many ways. When repotting, consider the pot size and if roots are being "suffocated" you will want to size up to a new planter at the same time.

3. Use plant dollies to assist in moving heavy plants: For heavy plants, use a plant dolly (or caddy) to help you roll plants inside your home this fall. Leave them on the dolly and moving them back out next spring is a cinch. If you leave them on a dolly throughout the winter, you can easily rotate them at their location to promote sunlight reaching all sides of the plant.

4. Clear spaces in the home near windows or other light sources: Their are often limited locations inside your home that are ideal for plants to thrive. Chose locations wisely and if plants begin to loss their healthy green color then you will want to consider moving them to a different location.

Thanks for reading everyone. We hope that you have enjoyed this article.

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