Helpful Tip: When to Sharpen Your Mower Blade

It is important to regularly inspect your mower blade and your lawn to determine if the blade needs sharpened or replaced. Signs of a dull or damaged mower blade can be the following:


1) Frayed Grass - Shredded, brown tips to your grass may not seem like a big deal, but this exposes the grass blades to insects and disease more than a clean cut would do. Grass can also experience more moisture loss because of frayed edges as well, which is never a good thing during the summer time. The picture to the right shows a lawn just mowed by a dulling blade >

2) Dented or Nicked Blade - A mower blade with too many dents will need sharpened. Dents can happen because of small rocks or roots that are contacted during cutting. If you avoid this sort of debris, then you often will not have issue here. If too many dents or too deep of dents, then you will often need to consider replacing the blade instead of resharpening.


3) Unbalanced Blade - Sometimes a blade can get out of balance from becoming too badly damaged. This can also happen from too many nicks and cuts in the blade. When a mower blade spins at over 200 mph, small imperfections in the blade can cause the mower to shake or wobble. If this symptom is noticed, please bring the mower blade into us for inspection and resharpening.

Sharp blades put less stress on your lawn, so we encourage you to look at the blade often to determine when it needs to be re-sharpened. If your old blade is dented or dull, consider bringing the blade to use to be sharpened. This service only costs about $10-$15. If you need assistance removing the old blade from your mower, we can help you there as well. This service would be performed by our shop mechanic, and would average $25-$35 to remove, sharpen, balance, and reattach the mower blade.

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