Helpful Tip? Rinse food particles thoroughly after using garbage disposal


If you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen, the tendency for many of us is to run water until we are finished with the garbage disposal and that's it. But did you know that stopping the water immediately after running the garbage disposal means that these minced food particles are just going to sit inside your drains instead? Over time, this food grime will create a slimy buildup inside that slowly clogs the drain. This buildup can be difficult to unclog once it finally gets to a point that we notice there is a problem.

So what can you do to prevent such build-up? The answer is actually quite simple. We recommend running hot water down your kitchen drain for about a minute at the end of cleaning up and rinsing food particles down the sink. This will make sure that food particles are getting out to the main sewage line, instead of sitting in the bends of pipes inside your home. Even better yet, squirt some grease-dissolving dish soap into the drain and rinse with hot water to help dissolve the build-up inside your drain. Follow these simple tips and you should never have to worry about clogged kitchen drains again!

To the right, you will see an image of the greasy sludge that can form inside pipes when they are clogged!

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