Helpful Tip: Proven cool weather weed control


Early spring season weed control can be difficult because traditional weed controls are not as effective when temperatures are not so hot. This is because most weed control suppress and limit the growth of the plant and when temperatures are not extreme enough to cause the plant to die, many weeds may slow their growth but be just fine in the end. This can be very frustrating when you send an hour or so as well as $20 to spray your lawn, and see little to no results.

As we bounce around with high temperatures in the 50's and low 60's, consider using Bonide's Weed Beater ULTRA. This product is proven to work better against lawn weeds when temperatures are cool (down to 45 degrees F). The weed control in this product is not organic, but it is effective at compromising weeds even without extreme temperatures.

This product is available in a liquid spray bottle or a concentrate... however the liquid formula gets right to the job and starts to infiltrate the weed the moment it is applied. It is absorbed through the leaves within a few hours, so you need to be sure that rain is not expected in short noticed. After than, you are good to go. One application is typically all that is needed for lawn weeds, but a second application may be applied a couple of weeks later, if needed.

Weed Beater ULTRA is effective at killing over 200+ lawn weeds and is safe to apply to lawns!

Stop by our Lawn and Garden Department for more information on this unique product.

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