Father's Day is June 18th

Father's Day is right around the corner. We polled you, our loyalty customers, to see what type of dad's are being shopped for. Based on the responses, we pulled gift ideas for dad from every department!

Handyman In Hardware

Power Tools

What dad doesn't love power tools? Try the Everyday Electric Screwdriver, or electric drill and additional battery.

The Bigger The Better

We even have the big ticket hardware items that he needs like wheelbarrows, ladders, garage shelving, or shop vacuums.


When Dad is doing a tough job, look to Carhartt for working dads or carpenters. We carry only the best for Dad from shirts to jeans or overalls.

New Dads

Start him off right with o...

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We have heard it from many customers... this summer was incredibly tough on our lawns. So many of us are now looking at brown patches in the lawn and wondering what to do next. Will this grass come back? When should I re-seed the bare spots?


Here is what we recommend this Fall when it comes to grass seeding:

Is my lawn really dead? Grass is meant to slow growth and will fade in color during periods of extreme conditions. As a result, you may notice at least some of your areas coming back to life now that we move into September with cooler days and more frequent rainfall. We typically recommend that you keep a close eye on the troubled areas of your lawn and if they look to be recovering on th...

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Our barbecue grills have been in heavy use for the spring and summer and now is time time that they start to show some wear and tear from the season. Here are some helpful tips for cleaning and maintaining your grill:


Cleaning: Over the course of several months, a grill can become quite dirty! It is a good idea to keep your grill grates, cook box, and drip pans clean of excess soot and grease, so that you experience fewer flare-ups and more accurate cooking temperatures!

  • Clean your grill from the top – down. A plastic puddy knife works great for cleaning your cook box, Flavorizer bars, drip pans, etc. By scraping these surfaces clean from build-up you eliminate the chance for hot grease ...

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The weather this week has proven that winter storms are still something to brace for, even if Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow. We're reminding all birders, from in-experienced to the pro backyard feeders, that winter can be hard for birds since there aren't many food sources during this time. We've put together this short article with some tips on how to help our feathered friends endure the cold temperatures, and what you show know.

Not all birds migrate, and the birds that do stick around sustain themselves on seeds, since natural food sources, like insects and fruit, prove to be more difficult to find in winter. Some of the most common birds in our area during this season include r...

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Even though the cold appears to be setting in quicker than usual this year, it is still very important to take the necessary steps to clean-up around your yard. Here are our recommendations:

For Lawns:

1.) Lower your mower's cutting height to approximately 2 inches for the last couple cuts of the Fall. This will leave more nutrients in the soil and allow the leaf tissue that is present be more prepared for the winter dormancy. The lawn will also green up faster in the spring as a result!

2.) Rake all leaves up around perennials and throughout the lawn. Leaves can trap moisture, block sunlight, and cause winter-born fungus and disease to develop, so it is very important to pick up the leaves thr...

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As the nights get colder, many of us are turning on our heating systems for the first time this fall. Now is a great time to inspect our HVAC systems to ensure everything is in good working order before the cold of winter settles in.

Central Air System

  1. Replace furnace filter(s) on a regular basis. Many filters last about 3 months, but some only last 1 month, so you will want to be sure that you are keeping up with filter changes, especially so now that our units are running so frequently during the cold winter months. This will insure that you are capturing all the unwanted particles and allergens before they are allowed to recirculate.

  2. Call a HVAC service technician and have them review your h...

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Many of our lawns are nearing their one or two last cuts of the year. For myself, this means that I want to finish my last cut and then push the lawn mower to the back of the garage and forget about it! Unfortunately, doing so without first properly winterizing your lawn mower, means that you could damage parts and find your mower impossible to start come spring. So, now is a great time to consider what needs done before you store your mower for winter. Here, we provide some suggestions…

Use fuel stabilizer on your final fill-up: If you are in need of some more gasoline this season to run your outdoor yard tools, then we would recommend adding fuel stabilizer to the gasoline. This addi...

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temp-post-imageIt seems like every summer is tough on our lawns, and this year was no exception. Many of our lawns are suffering from dead patches and areas of poor grass quality and encroaching weeds. This fall is a great time to remedy some of these conditions through reseeding and fertilizing your lawn. In this article, we will focus on reseeding.

Did you know… the fall is actually the best time of the year to seed? By seeding now, you will see quick results because the soil is warm and the days/nights are cooler. Unlike the spring, you do not have to wait for the soil to warm up from a cold winter. Also the days and nights are cooler, so the soil will not dry out as quick and grass seed will sta...

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I hate to say it, but winter is not too far from us. It won’t be long before colder temperatures set in on us and we begin to reach for the ice melters and rock salt. Now is a prefect time to begin thinking about whether or not you would like to seal your concrete and natural stone surfaces before the winter. If you plan on doing this work, August and September are great times to start the process and to clean those surfaces so that they can be sealed in time before winter.


Step 1 – Clean: Before sealing an exterior surface, you want to make sure that it is clean and dry and these hotter months of the summer are a prefect time to do so. We have many different options in our store ...

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We have sure gotten a glimpse of winter the past 3 days, brrr! As the weather gets colder, it is now time to get our homes ready for winter. For each of us, this means different things. Here are some of the most common ways people winterize their homes and we will share them with you below...

1.) Insulate windows to reduce heat loss and to keep certain room more comfortable.

2.) Insulate pipes to prevent freezing/bursting water lines.

3.) Close off hose spigots and drain garden hoses to prevent damage and avoid bursting pipes.

4.) Maintenance furnace and/or radiators to ensure peck performance when the days are the coldest.

5.) Seal gaps and cracks around the home to prevent drafts from entering ...

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