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Broil King



• The Baron series offers tremendous value in either 3 or 4 burner grill sizes and a cooking experience that is comparable to their highest priced grills.
• The Regal series offers stainless steel cooking grates and a larger cooking surface that is available with either 3, 4, or 5 main cooking burners.
• The Imperial XL model offers their unique cast stainless cooking grates along with the flexibility of a duo cookbox grill.
• All grills are proudly made and assembled in North America.

Broil King gas grills are setting new standards when it comes to value and performance in barbecue grills.  We are stocking the Broil King Baron, Regal, and Imperial series gas grills in both propane and natural gas, as well as their vertical propane smoker appropriately called Smoke.  Wondering what makes a Broil King such a well-performing grill?  Check out some of the features that we list below (standard on all Baron, Regal, and Imperial gas grills)…

Preheats Quickly – Broil King uses high BTU cooking burners in close proximity to each other.  The result is more burner tips per square inch and a grill that can preheat to searing temperatures in as little as 5 minutes – even in the cold of winter!

Even Heat Distribution – Broil King’s patented burner technology creates a flame on both sides of each burner.  In combination, with more burners in a tighter space than competitors means that hot spots and cool spots are eliminated from the cooking surface.  With these grills, there is no more moving and turning meats around so that they all cook evenly.

Infinite Temperature Settings – There are 180 levels of heat that can be created from each burner tube thanks to the control knobs that lit you filter the flame from high to low, just like you are used to with your gas range in the house.  These control knobs are easy to use and light with an electronic igniter.

High Temperature Searing – Because Broil King grills retain heat so well and because there are more burner tips per square each, the result is a grill that can sear at crazy hot temperatures of 700 degrees.  This is practically unheard-of when it comes to natural gas and propane grills.

Easy-Open Lid – Lift grill lids with ease thanks to a hinge design that pivots close to the center of the cookbox.  The result is a lid that takes up less space when opened and is lighter to lift and lower.

High Quality Cooking Grates – Cooking grates are made from either cast iron (Baron models), heavy duty stainless steel (Regal models), or from cast stainless (Imperial models).  All of these cooking surfaces offer their own advantages, but none of them are inferior.  You can expect 5+ years of frequent cooking with any of their non-stock cooking surfaces.

Flavor-Wave Technology – Beneath the cooking surface lays a layer of Flavor-Wave, stainless steel material that catches drippings and allows them to smoke flavor back into the foods that you are cooking.  They are what makes this grill always taste like authentic bar-b-q!

Made in North America – All Baron, Regal, and Imperial models are made in North America.  This includes the parts and the assembly.  The result are components that are built to last and constantly inspected for quality and craftsmanship.

Warranty Coverage – Each Broil King Baron, Regal, and Imperial grill are covered by a manufacturer’s 2 year warranty.  This includes every part of the grill.  The cookbox is covered by a limited lifetime warranty and the burners tubes for 10 years.

For even more information on Broil King products, please visit the Broil King website.

For a quick introduction of Broil King grills, please view the video below…

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C2 Paints – Handcrafted Paint Color


•  Full spectrum colors that work in harmony with your home’s interior
•  Paints are tinted with 16 artisian grade powdered pigments
•  No black pigment is ever used, and the result are paints that “make your room come alive!”
•  A top choice among interior designers for their luminous color
•  Superior coverage, means that 2 coats of any color will hide the brightest of colors beneath
•  Simplified 496 color palette that is constantly changing to match current trends
•  Large color samples that are made from real paint, provide an accurate reflection of each color
•  Available in interior, exterior, cabinet and trim paints, as well as various primers

Since their start in 1998, C2 paints has been dedicated to making the highest quality, artist-grade paints that one can buy!  The most unique .  They werNew to our store are the high quality, artist-grade paints from C2!  Founded in 1998 on quality, C2 has remained as a leader in the industry in both color and paint technology.  What makes C2 paints a favorite among professionals and interior designers?

The most unique aspect of C2 paint is their full spectrum colors!  Each of their 496 colors contain no black for truly luminous color.  Black doesn’t sound bad, but it absorbs light rather than reflecting it and the result is a muted color.  Each color is made from at least 3 colorants, plus white.  This color complexity allows each color to reflect natural light and helps a room come to life.  Lastly, the full spectrum colors from C2 use only artisan-grade, granular pigments that help achieve a luxurious feel when applied.

C2 is committed to helping you choose the perfect color.  As a result, every sample is oversized (about 2-3 times larger than your normal color swatch).  Also, each sample is made from 100% real paint, so you are guaranteed an exact color match between the sample and the gallon of freshly mixed paint.

Superior coverage is achieved from all 496 colors.  Tests have been performed where a single coat of C2 paint is applied over white and black walls.  C2’s ratio is 0.994 different, which means that telling the difference is almost impossible with the naked eye.  As a result, 2 coats is always enough to completely hide the previous colors on the walls (and one coat can sometimes be enough too!).

Lastly, C2 paints offer terrific fade resistance!  The use of high quality, granular, light fast pigments makes every color from C2’s palette resistant to fading.  They are great for harsh conditions where typical colors will fade and lose their brilliance.  C2 exterior paints are made to withstand color changes despite the harshest of sunlight and exterior conditions.

We invite you to stop by and see the beautiful new display of C2 paints in our Paints Department.  We think that you will be very impressed with their large paint samples and great selection of earthy color tones.

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Swiss Diamond



• The highest quality, longest lasting non-stick cookware you can buy
• Dishwasher safe, hand wash recommended
• Oven safe up to 500 degrees F
• Safe for most all stovetops, including gas, electric, radiant ring, ceramic, halogen.
• Heavy cast aluminum body provides even heat across the surface
• Diamond reinforced non-stick coating makes it easy to cook with and super easy to clean

Swiss Diamond pots and pans offer the perfect combination of non-stick performance and long-lasting durability. Many of us love the way that non-stick pans perform, but we hate that they break down and often need replaced after a couple of years. The high quality, durable non-stick coating that is used on Swiss Diamond cookware is second-to-none and for this reason, all Swiss Diamond pans come with a limited lifetime warranty!

What do we stock?  We stock a nice selection of Swiss Diamond fry pans, including sizes up to 12.5″. We have fry pans sold with lids, as well as sauce pans, soup pots, stock pots, and crepe pans. All of these solutions have their one-of-a-kind non-stick surface that cooks wonderfully, even without oil!

Swiss Diamond pots and pans provide tremendously flexibility in the kitchen, and we guarantee that it will become your “go-to” pan for just about anything. The cast aluminum body spreads heat evenly to all parts of the pan. Then the diamond reinforced non-stock coating does the rest. Once you are done sauteing on the stove top, move the pan to the oven, where all Swiss Diamond pans are oven-safe to 500 degrees! Once you finish the meal, Swiss Diamond pans are super easy to clean; because sauces and grease don’t stick to the finish, there is no scrubbing or soaking needed with these pans.

Stop by our Housewares department, in-store, to get yours today! If you are looking for a certain size that we don’t carry, just let us know and we can special order for you.


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Sikkens ProLuxe Wood Finishes



• High quality wood finishes for all sorts of exterior applications
• Products specific to your needs and customizable based on color.
• Sikkens offers a solid color opague finish, a semi-transparent finish, and several translucent finishes
• Stop by our Paint Department to explore each product and to help determine which one will be best for you!

Sikkens have been a leader in exterior wood finishes for 200 years and we are happy to start offering them in our store.  Their finishes have a high solid content and provide optimum protection and a beautiful look.  We invite you to stop by our store to find which Sikkens ProLuxe finish fits your application the best!

Sikkens Cetol DEK Finish – is a high performance, translucent satin finish for exterior decks.  This oil-based high-solids formulation protects your wood deck and provides a beautiful appearance in just two coats.  How does it work?  Cetol DEK Finish creates a protective film that gives surfaces a furniture-like finish to them and allows the natural characteristics of the wood to show through.  Protects surfaces from drying out and weathering.  Available in four natural colors.

Sikkens Cetol SRD – is an oil-based, one-coat translucent protection for siding, rails, and decks.  May also be used for fences, boat docks, outdoor furniture, and logs.  This product is easy to apply by brush, roller, or sprayer.  Will provide beautiful color clarity and UV protection from the use of high-quality translucent iron oxide pigments.  Penetrates deep into wood for a long lasting finish.  Available in 8 colors.

Sikkens Cetol Semi-Transparent – This penetrating water-based semi transparent product has added protection to guard against the sun’s powerful UV rays.  Easy, one-coat application that is available in 60 colors.  Because this product is a semi-transparent finish, you have many more color options, but at the same effect you will not see as much of the original grain as you would with the translucent Cetol SRD product.

Sikkens RUBBOL Solid – is a hybrid oil/acrylic that offers excellent penetration and adhesion over both bare and previously coated surfaces.  This premium, solid color stain has a low sheen so it will complement any decor.  Recommended for decks, siding, trim, shakes, shingles, fences, logs, garage doors, and more.  Holds its color remarkably well.  Apply 2 coats for a beautiful color and protective finish that will last years.  Available in 53 solid colors.


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• Market leader in gasoline powered lawnmowers and snowblowers
• All mowers and blowers are backed by at least a 2-year warranty
• Toro lawn mowers are available in many different features, from hand push to self propelled, from the 20″ Recycler to the dual blade 30″ Timemaster models
• Toro snowblowers are available in different price points, from our most popular 18″ power clear blower to the 21″ full featured single stage blower
•  We are an authorized sales and service dealer

Toro brand lawnmowers and snowblowers are backed by over 100 years of innovation and dependability.  We love the Toro brand products and we know you will too!  Not only are our sales clerks here to help you choose the right tool for your home, are service department is here to help you if anything were to go wrong.  All Toro mowers and snowblowers are backed by a 2 year homeowner warranty but they will last you many more years than that!  However if you need maintenance or replacement parts our service department is here to help you with getting that Toro back up and running, just like new!  We are one of the few sales and service Toro dealers in the area and we always service what we sell.

Toro Lawnmowers – Toro makes many different models depending on what you are looking for.  They have an economical 20″ hand push mower for those looking for the most simple of mowers.  They have their most popular line-up of recycler mowers with larger 22″ decks, adjustable handle and deck heights, 3-in-1 mulch, bag, or side discharge capabilities, and the personal pace drive system (most models).  The newest addition to the recycler lineup has been the all wheel drive unit, and we have been getting great feedback on this model.  Its added traction and propulsion for uneven or tough to mower areas makes it a great choice for many.  Another popular unit is the FWD Smartstow model that quickly folds and flips up on its nose for easy storage!

At the top end of the Toro line-up are their super recycler models that have cast aluminum 21″ decks, extended 5-year warranties, Toro OHV engines with autochoke and quick-stow folding handles.  There are lots of features to point out that simply cannot be done through this brief write-up, so if you are interested in Toro lawnmowers, please stop by our Lawn and Garden department and one of our sales clerks will be happy to show you all of the features of one of these mean grass-cuttin’ machines!  Available year-round, but on display from February through September.

Toro Snowblowers – Toro has long been the market leader when it comes to snowblowers, and their single-stage Power Clear Snowthrowers are a favorite amongst our customers.  In fact, these are the only type of gasoline snowblowers that we carry!  All Power Clear blowers come with powerful OHV Toro brand engines that can throw snow up to 35 feet away.  The single-stage action is unique because it acts as a self-propel system as well.  This is because the rubbery paddles that scoop the snow make contact with the ground and propel the snowblower through the snow.  The scraper in the back of the snowblower lifts the last bit of snow for a clean pathway on the very first path.  These units are compact and powerful.  Available in 18″ or 21″ clearing width.  Features vary depending on the model chosen.  Stop by and talk to one of our experts on snowblowers to be sure that you are getting the right one for your needs.  Snowblowers are typically on display in November and stay on display until sold-out.


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Bonide – Lawn and Garden Products



• Market leader in lawn and garden solutions
• Huge selection of fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides to choose from
• Larger bottles and concentrated solutions provide better value than the competition
• Pioneering Digital Problem Solver screen in our store helps to diagnose and solve problems
• Many organic solutions which are great for edibles and are safer to apply

Bonide is a family-owned company that has been producing lawn and garden products for over 90 years now.  They are dedicated to providing what the homeowner is looking for to solve their next problem.  Their core is the many herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides that they produce, but they also have an assortment animal and rodent repellents, plant supplements, and plant food.  Besides for the harsh chemicals that have been around for years, Bonide also has dozens of safer to use products and 100% organic products that you can use to kill, repel, and protect!

Bonide herbicides include their popular chickweed/clover killer which is great for all of those tough-to-kill, creeping crawling weeds found in our lawns.  They also make the Weed Beater Ultra, which is a proven to kill weeds in cooler weather than the typical weed controls do.  It is these types of unique, innovative solutions that are solving the needs of today’s homeowner.

Bonide pesticides practically have no end!  Whether it is a fast-acting kill on contact bug killer, a systemic insect killer, a smothering oil-based product, or something 100% organic, Bonide has a solution for you.  Every product is available in an easy-to-use spray or applicator bottle.  However for the heavy user, a concentrate is often available which presents a great value for those large or repeat applications.

Bonide fungicides range from ingredients such as chlorothalonil to copper, and neem to sulfur.  Depending on the plant and the fungus, Bonide has a product offering for almost any type of lawn or plant disease that you can image.  Some of these fungicides are even combination products and may include an insect or mite killer as well.  To help diagnose your situation, Bonide has even supplied us with their Expert Problem Solver Diagnostic Center which is loaded up with pictures and descriptions of some of the more common insects and disease that effect plants.  This screen is located in our lawn and garden department is a great resource to have.  Stop on by to check out this screen that is constantly improving each year!

Three other products that deserve mention in this write-up are Bonide’s Repels All animal repellent, Mouse Magic rodent repellent, and their Spider and Ground Bee Killer.  Please stop by our Lawn and Garden department and one of our Bonide trained sales clerks will be happy to help you.


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