The times have changed and our product mix continues to evolve, but we have always stayed committed to offering the same helpful and friendly customer service that we did 4 generations ago! Every employee that is a part of the “Rollier Family” makes a difference and can leave a lasting impression on the customer. This is why we place such great focus on the hiring process. We strive to create a fun environment to work in and for this reason, most of our employees have stayed with us for 5+, 10+, 20+ years. Experience is not always necessary, but it is preferred. A list of the positions that we are currently hiring for are listed below.

Currently Hiring


Full-Time Sales Clerk - Housewares

Description:Tasks would include greeting customer and helping them locate items inside the department.  Listening to their requests and attempting to problem solve and find a solution to their household need.  We would expect you to feel comfortable with the computer, and using it to help you in placing orders with select companies.  Requires good people skills, moderate computer skills, the ability to stand for hours at a time, moderate lifting, and the willingness to work with others. Full-time hours would typically be between 30-40 hours per week and a schedule would be consistent week-to-week.  Link to application is below.


Part-Time Cashier

Description:This position would likely require weekend and/or evenings hours. Tasks would include greeting customers as they come to the register, transacting their sale and thanking the customer upon completion.  Requires good people skills, moderate computer knowledge, and ability to stand for long periods of time (3-5 hours at once).  Link to application is below.



Part-Time Janitor

Description: This position would require 2-3 days of work. Tasks would include daily cleaning of high traffic areas, maintenance throughout the building, projects that would improve building function and more.  Link to application is below.

“Fill out the Application and drop-off at our location with one of the store managers. Thanks for your interest in employment!”

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