Mother's Day Gift Guide


Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8th! We want to make buying for Mom this year a cinch because we know it can be a daunting task. We have some ideas that will make finding the best gift easy. We've asked our staff, who happen to be moms themselves, what they would love to receive as a gift, and curated this list of Rollier's Top Mother's Day Gifts for 2022.

Mother's Garden

Gardening Supplies
Get mom the things she needs to tend to her garden like soil, work gloves, gardening tools, etc. We recommend trying Earth Box, we think she'll love it! Tip: Grab a flower and don't forget a watering can, too!

Plant Stands
Purchase a beautiful metal plant stand. Add a ceramic pot, flowers, lovely wall plaque, and garden decor like a gnome or ceramic blue bunny!

Hanging Plants
Hanging Flower baskets are our top seller for mom, but you could try a ceramic pot with a macrame hanging rope instead.


Outdoorsy 'Mums'

Wind Chimes
Chimes always make a beautiful gift to remind Mom of you every time the wind blows. We have a wonder selection of different styles and sounds to choose the perfect one for Mom.

Bistro Set or Bench
Lovely outdoor seating. Tip: Add a unique solar light, or a ceramic pot for an added touch.

Bird Feeders or Bird Baths
Does mom love when when birds are outside? Try a bird feeder, bird bath, or bird house as a gift. Don't forget the seeds!

Tailgating Essentials
Tired of getting Mom the same old gift? Why not get her all the tailgating essentials she'll need this summer, like the Weber Traveler, this portable compact grill offers the quality of mom's delicious grilled food away from home. Add in a new cooler or travel mug, too!


Mom's in the Kitchen

Update Her Kitchen Supplies
Bamboo cutting board, kitchen towels, sheet pan, utensils, bamboo holder, or a cute dutch oven by Lodge (comes in black, green, and blue).

Or Get Her Something New
We have brand new items for kitchen dwellers, like bamboo organizers, new styles of dish towels, and the sought after Swedish towels.

Make Mom Dinner
Stonewall kitchen has all the great ingredients you'll need to make Mom a home-cooked meal for Mother's Day. Start easy and try their coffee cake mix for the win! Don't forget her favorite Sarris chocolate covered pretzels for something extra sweet.


Traditional Gift Ideas

Spa or Shower
French bar soaps or liquid dispenser in amazing scents, loofas, shower back massager, sleep mask, and more! New great scents from Via Mercato like cucumber or lemon mojito.

All the Scents
Candles, reed diffuser, potpourri, you name it, we have it! All the must-have scents a mother could ask for.

Picture Perfect
We have a large selection of frames that Mom would love. Tip: Grab a frame that you love and put a picture of you both as a gift Mom will cherish for a long time.

Brand New Home Decor Aisle
We have a large selection of frames that Mom would love. Tip: Grab a frame that you love and put a picture of you both as a gift Mom will cherish for a long time.


Let Her Decide
So many options, so little time. Can't decide what Mom will love most? We suggest a gift card. Then she can choose what she loves. Tip: You shop with her!

Great Mother's Day Cards
Why not give a card to say how you feel and let mom know just how much you love her. We have a large assortment from sentimental to funny, choose the card that fits you!

Shop today for Mother's Day to celebrate Mom, whether you decided on one of these ideas or one of your own we're here to help make the day wonderful.