Helpful Tip: Clean Dryer Vent Pipes to Prevent Overheating / Fires


We wash our clothes, we dry our clothes, and we remove the lint trap. This happens day after day and week after week. Over time, lint pushes past the trap and collects in areas of the exhaust pipe. The more turns and the longer the reach, the more likely this lint will remain in the pipe and begin to collect to problematic levels. It is important to monitor and clean your dryer lint pipes every couple of months to be sure that a dangerous situation is avoided.

In fact, there are over 20,000 fires caused every year in the US because of our dryers. Most of them having to do with poorly vented dryers or clogged vent pipes. If a buildup is noticed in your exhaust, you will want to clean immediately. The best way to do so is with bristle brushes and we have several options to choose from. There are circular ones that can be pushed and pulled to free up lint. There are long, dryer lint trap brushes that can used to loosen lint deep inside the dryer. We recommend using a combination of the two to clean all areas from lint. When reattaching the exhaust, be sure that all connections are secure and that the vent flap on the exterior of the house is unobstructed and working properly.

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