What’s Trending? Coco Doormats Perform During All Seasons

The all natural look of our natural coco fiber doormats have long been a favorite among our customers. “They look great in front of any home, no matter the style!” We love these natural coco mats so much, that we stock them in 6 different styles; including a low profile doormat that measures only 7/8″ thick, which can fit underneath almost any doorway… as well as, several woven styles that provide a bit of texture for those looking for something more unique.

What makes coco fiber doormats so great for use outside? 100% coir mats are perfect for any outdoor space, whether it is sheltered or not. Unlike decorated coco fiber mats that you often see around the holidays, 100% coir mats do not have a vinyl/rubber backing to them. The result is a doormat that drains properly and prevents a build-up of mold or mildew from occurring.

Did we mention that they do a wonderful job of cleaning your shoes as well? The many fibers that make up a coconut doormat act like a stiff bristles of a broom and they get inside all the nooks and crannies of your shoes to clean them quite well!

Coconut fiber mats don’t take any days off and can be used during all seasons. You might even find that you can get a couple of years out of just one doormat, but that will depend on just how much it is used. During the winter, the fibers will become stiffer because of snow and ice that may lay within, but this will not affect the look and function of the doormat.

Take a look at all of the aforementioned style choices with our picture below, or stop by our Housewares Department for one of the biggest selections of doormats that you will find anywhere!

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