What’s Trending? A Deer Repellent that Backs Up All Other Deer Repellents

If you are tired of spraying liquid deer repellents each week only to see your plants devastated by foraging deer the next week because you forgot to spray… we suggest Deer Off.

If you have had some success with granular deer repellents, but always forget when to reapply or worry about running out of product at precisely the wrong time... then we suggest Deer Off.


What is Deer Off, you ask? Deer Off is a long-lasting, weatherproof deer repellent that triggers the “flight” response in deer. Deer that smell the active ingredient in Deer Off run for their lives because they fear that a predator is in the area. Each package of Deer Off comes with 6 repellent stations that are filled with dried blood, an all natural deer repellent. Simply stake or hang the stations 4-8 feet apart throughout your garden. Place them in areas that will be out in the open and easy for the wind and air to travel through and disperse the scent across your garden.

Like all deer repellents, there are some limitations to the Deer Off. Because this product relies partially on the wind flow and is only placed every 4-8 feet, there are areas of your garden that may not be protected as well as others. That is why we love this product as a second line of defense! Use it in conjunction with liquid deer repellents (LiquidFence or Deer B Gon, Bonide’s Repels All) or in conjunction with granular deer repellents (Deer Scram, LiquidFence granules, Shake A Way). It will act as a nice safety in case you miss an application with the other product. Plus one application of stakes last about 2 months. For only about $22, you can’t go wrong with this safety blanket!

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