What's Trending? Bitter Cold To-Do's Around Your Home

Brrrr.... it has been bitter-cold for the last week! Here is a quick checklist of some things that we would recommend when it is this cold. Some may be obvious, others are not so obvious:

1) Consider changing your air filter sooner than you would typically do. As our furnaces run almost 100% of the time during they cold snaps, filters that usually last about 3 months, may only perform well for about 1 month. We would recommend giving them a check every so often and replace them when they look max-ed out.

2) Be sure to run a slow drizzle of water from faucets and fixtures that could potentially freeze during the cold nights (or days). These are often supplied by pipes that run through unheated portions of your home or ones that are on the exterior walls of your home. In the case of my home, we will simply open the door to the storage room so that some warmer air pockets around the water pipes and to prevent them from freezing.

3) Insulate windows or close of additional doorways through your home so that warm air stays where it is needed and cold air that may seep inside your home doesn't effect your mail living areas. For example, I have a 3-seasons room at the front of my house that gets uncomfortably cold during the coldest days of the winter, but we will close the french doors leading into this room as to not allow that cold air to enter other rooms of the house.

4) Try setting your thermostat for a consistent comfortable temperature rather then allowing a programmable thermostat to bounce around from higher temperatures and colder temperatures. Your furnace will be more efficient during the coldest days of winter if it only has to maintain a reasonable temperature rather than fight to recover from extremes.

5) Use space heaters where needed to make living conditions more comfortable, but be sure to follow all all proper operating instructions. Be sure to always plug the heater directly into a wall outlet (never into an extension cord, regardless of its size). Also, be sure to keep heaters at least 3 feet from objects, fabrics, or materials that are flammable. When not inside the home, we would recommend that you turn heaters off (do not leave them unattended).

6) Consider running a humidifier in the bedroom to prevent your skin from drying out to uncomfortable levels. This is something that many of us need to do all winter long, but the coldest days of the year are often some of the driest, so consider purchasing a humidifier to replenish your skin "while you sleep".

Thanks for reading everyone. Hope these tidbits help you survive these coldest days of the winter!

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